Sunday, May 22, 2016

Meeting of the MRA ( Men Rights Advocates ) Little Smoky 5/22/2016



Loop ~ 280 miles
Trail Boss – Lance
Riders – Robbie, Steve, John

I got invited to join Lance & Robbie on Lance’s AT break-in ride .



Trail 500

Lance took us across the Danskins Trail 500.

I hadn’t ridden 500 since the latest round of ATV trail work.
Most the time I dirt bike out of Willow Creek TH .
It was easier than what I remembered and no whoops .

First time taking the 1190 off-road.
I set the MTC to “Dirt” , ABS to “OffRoad” and the Hero Dirt made it seem well mannered .
I chugged along in 1st & 2nd gear.



20160522_094053 Stitch

Steve and Lance

Robbie rode sweep and got some Spode Daddy off-road action on the 1190.
Yeap I ride slow but I don’t care , I just don’t want to have to pick the beast up.





The African Twin 1000 DCT. Lance rode in automatic mode the whole day.




Spode Daddy








little smoky


After fuel and food in Fairfield  we did a loop over Wells and Couch Summit




Worswick Hot Springs


I got to ride the African Twin over Couch Summit .
My first impressions :
The cockpit felt small – I would need to adjust seat height ( maybe a taller seat ) , bar risers & position-

The DCT is weird sensation and would take me a day to get use to it but I could jam the brakes and bike
would down shift and not stall . The suspension had a sure footed feel.


Neals Bridge South Fork of the Boise



Steve's photo’s of the  slack waters of Arrow Rock Reservoir

Friday, April 8, 2016

From Sexy to Saggy - Gooding Little City of Rocks



Loop ~ 290 miles

Big Chief – Boise Bob

Riders – 10 including Bob


Bob organized a ride to the Little City of Rocks between Fairfield and Gooding.








The main group was meeting at Boise Vintage Cycle on Chinden , not wanting to ride in morning
traffic I opted to meet them at Bonneville Point on the Oregon Trail.

I was riding sweep becuase I’m slow and I can hang in back for the dust to clear.– on the Blacks Creek
summit a white Dodge flagged me down.
The woman said “ all my friends were riding too fast – all most ran her off the road “.




South Fork of the Boise



Gas stop at the Y-Stop in Prairie. I had 60 miles so decided to top off.




Anderson Ranch Dam



Gate on the two track was locked , so went to plan “B”.

The Fairfield Prairie was wet from the snow melt , had a couple of stretches of mud to ride through.
It wasn’t clay so the wheels didn’t pack up.


Fir Grove Valley -
Very lush right now, will change in a month or so.



Fir Grove Ranch



Looking back at the ranch and valley





Little City of Rocks

Trent was dealing with a leaking with a clutch master cylinder , by now he had no clutch.
He decided to take off to Gooding , but he went the hard way. Bob remembered it being gnarly for a big
bike with a couple of step offs . 
His wife Michelle followed him.

The group decided to chase them down.
It was any “easy” 4X4 trail but probably as technical I as I want to ride on the 1190.
There were several rocky sections to pick through in 1st gear. Some spots I dabbed through worrying
about dropping and casing the bike.  



Canal crossing – wasn’t that deep and slow current.

One of the guys found some oil in his saddle bags , so they were able to top off a couple of clutches.



Dead Horses Cave outside Gooding and Bliss .



Michelle’s KTM 690 started cutting out .
She topped off the gas but it still wouldn’t start . Trent and Michelle fiddled with some wires and it started.
In Bliss they relocated the Power Commander  to where it would have more clearance from the seat, seemed 
fix it.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Government LUV by the numbers–Social Security

At 62 I decided to draw Social Security ( I’ve been retired for ~8 years).
Over my 35 year career my total Social Security Taxes were $335,000 in 2016 dollars ( $220,000 per the gooberment ).

I will have to live until 76 just to recoup my stolen funds , longer when accounting for future inflation .

If I were able to invest these “taxes” over the years in a stock index mutual fund the account ( that I owned) would be valued at $2,000,000.
Social Security is a bad deal all the way around .

PS: – I hit the jackpot when I was born in Texas during a golden age of human prosperity.
My “luck” was compounded with a career at Micron Technology and move to Boise in 1981.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Dirt Buggers–Doyle Mountain 3/19/2016



Loop – 68 miles
Riders – John , Paul , Chad , Eric

Had a couple of goals on this ride :

1) Help recover a bike that was drowned in the North Fork of Castle Creek last week.
     A father and son didn’t pack any tools and no one in the group had a 4S plug socket .

2) Learn more of the roads , two tracks, single tracks and just generally explore.

3) Unintended consequence – first ride  this year to produce dirt buggers .

Mike , Greg and Ryan left town about an hour before we did. They doubled up on a 4-wheeler and rode a bike
into Savage Crossing , then hiked along Castle Creek to the bike   .



DSCF5424 Stitch
We took the road into Savage Crossing. It was chilly at road speeds.
Missed a turn but it just meant we got to ride a bit of single track to Savage.




The creek was running high from the snow melt and recent storms. We crossed  upstream in a spot that
wasn’t as deep. Couldn’t see the bottom. I went first , worried about a square rock in the bottom I didn’t
carry much speed and had to dap .




DSCF5430 Stitch

The saddle above Savage.

DSCF5432 Stitch


Side Hill into Squaw Garden.



DSCF5434 Stitch


When we caught up Mike , Greg and Ryan had already de-watered the bike and were trying to start it.
Eric took a turn kicking and it started .

DSCF5437 Stitch

Beautiful spot an intersection of two canyons .


DSCF5440 Stitch


We rode with Ryan back to Savage Crossing . 
Had lunch and made sure the bike got across the creek. Mike and Ryan decided to push it across.




After the bike forded the creek we started on our ride.


DSCF5442 Stitch

At the bottom of the saddle above Savage there was an old jeep trail that went up to White Horse Reservoir.
You can make your way into Triangle.



DSCF5445 Stitch

Paul, Chad and Eric after a deep water crossing, it was deep but not fast.



DSCF5448 Stitch

Climbing out of Portland Gulch. I had to stop and remove a layer.
We had just crossed paths with a big group that had Sean Robinson , Brian King and Steve Frisbee .


DSCF5451 Stitch
Chad after climbing up a greasy tight side hill above the creek , he was happy to be on top.


As we climbed out of Portland Gulch onto the road there was a bunch of tracks headed south.
I figured it must be the group we just passed and maybe there was another trail to find.
We followed them but lost the tracks at a watering trough , State Springs .


DSCF5454 Stitch

Gamble Gulch on the upper end of WF Birch Creek.






DSCF5458 Stitch


Doyle Place







End of the Day

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