Friday, July 22, 2016

BFR–Gas Stations


Day 1 – Boise – Almo

Boise Stage Stop

Mountain Home

Hollister  ~ 150 from Boise Stage Stop

Oakley , ID ~ 80 miles from Hollister

Day 2 -


Malad City – 72  miles

Preston  - 28 miles

Paris  -  72 miles

Cokeville -

Day 3 -
Alpine – 105 miles

Victor ,ID

Aston , ID

Day 4-

Island Park , ID

Dubois , ID – 100 miles

Salmon , ID – 140 miles

Day 5 -

Challis –80 miles , 100+ if we do Twin Peaks LO

Stanley – 140 miles

Thursday, July 14, 2016

No Sauce No Drama–South Mountain Lookout 7/13/2016




Loop – 245 miles

Riders –Chris , John
Took advantage of the cool temperatures by doing a desert ride.
I had a PT appointment in morning for a gimpy hamstring and Chris said he could get the afternoon off.


We met in Oreana . I was a few minutes late due to making an “emergency pit stop” .
I suspect the previous night’s guacamole was having unintended consequences .
Chris saved me by having a bottle of Imodium. The goal was making it through the day without any “sauce”.
We routed up Bachman Grade through Triangle then Flint Creek.   





View of South Mountain from Flint Creek .


Flint Creek is fun to ride . It winds through small canyons , drainages and ranches .







 South Mountain Lookout is operated by the BLM. Elevation is 7800 ft.
A more primitive road leads through a mining operation to the lookout . There was a four wheeler  parked at
the lookout but we didn’t see anybody. There was a bit of haze otherwise clear views.



The Great Basin Institue  was counting flowers , even had tape measures out.


Jordan Creek was a lot more fun without traffic .
The Idaho Hotel in Silver City was closed so we snacked at New York Summit and made a phone call.




As we were about to leave Chris noticed my fork leaking oil.
By the time I got to Dan’s Ferry Service it dripping out.
When I got home my boot had been sprayed with oil. I suspect  the fork is empty . 

Monday, July 4, 2016

Bourgeois Virtues - Lime Creek 7/4/2016




Loop- 49 miles
Avg   - 18mph
Max – 60mph

In accordance with the new  USFS Ecosystem Directive IdaSpode & Spode Daddy did their
part to make sure the European influence in the West does not disappear.  

We celebrated July 4th doing a quick easy loop on Lime Creek.
We made up for the “easy” by going off the trail and dropping bikes.

It was my first dirt bike ride in 6 weeks, David said he couldn’t remember  his last ride.


When we arrived at the corrals it was 65F, breezy and rain on the other side of Iron Mountain.
I decided to put a t-shirt on and pack a rain jacket.


On Roanhide I cased going over a rock then spun the rear wheel off the trail.
It was an easy section but I couldn’t get the bike up the steep creek bank by myself.
David also went off the trail a few hundred yards up the trail with the bike on top of him.
I could hear him working the bike. After he recovered he came back to assist me.

With David pulling on a tow strap and me on the handle bars we were able to walk the bike back on the tread
in just a couple of minutes. 



DSCF5573 Stitch

Top of Coyote



DSCF5575 Stitch



DSCF5577 Stitch


Dear Park at the base of Iron Mountain



Undocumented Visitors  


DSCF5581 Stitch

DSCF5584 Stitch

Presidents Trail




Robbie’s Tree ?

It was a great day, temperatures ranged from 65-85F. Cloud cover provided a few sprinkles and a reprieve
from global warming.

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Senior Moments–Atlanta 6/30/2016




Loop ~ 230 miles
Riders – John , Byron

First ride in 4 weeks ( due to Barry’s Big Holiday ). 
Byron is now a man of leisure and wanted a weekday ride to celebrate .

I had a few senior monuments leading up to the ride :

1) I woke up at 4:30AM for an 8:00AM ride.

2) I decided to take an emergency shower after an emergency biological event
     to prevent a potential case of Monkey Butt

3) I “lost” my motorcycle key in my Riding Jacket  

First World Problems are so stressful .

We had a nice loop and little traffic the day before the Holiday Weekend.

Rocky Canyon – Robie Creek – Hwy21 – Edna Creek – Crooked River – Middle Fork Boise – Lunch in Atlanta

James Creek – Featherville / Pine – Beer in Prairie – Blacks Creek.


Rocky Canyon Summit


One of the views from Crooked River Road.
It’s a nice 15 miles stretch for an Adv Bike – twisty single lane road


End of Crooked River

Lunch at Beaver Creek Lodge


James Creek

Rocky Bar

Prairie Restaurant 

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Meeting of the MRA ( Men Rights Advocates ) Little Smoky 5/22/2016



Loop ~ 280 miles
Trail Boss – Lance
Riders – Robbie, Steve, John

I got invited to join Lance & Robbie on Lance’s AT break-in ride .



Trail 500

Lance took us across the Danskins Trail 500.

I hadn’t ridden 500 since the latest round of ATV trail work.
Most the time I dirt bike out of Willow Creek TH .
It was easier than what I remembered and no whoops .

First time taking the 1190 off-road.
I set the MTC to “Dirt” , ABS to “OffRoad” and the Hero Dirt made it seem well mannered .
I chugged along in 1st & 2nd gear.



20160522_094053 Stitch

Steve and Lance

Robbie rode sweep and got some Spode Daddy off-road action on the 1190.
Yeap I ride slow but I don’t care , I just don’t want to have to pick the beast up.





The African Twin 1000 DCT. Lance rode in automatic mode the whole day.




Spode Daddy








little smoky


After fuel and food in Fairfield  we did a loop over Wells and Couch Summit




Worswick Hot Springs


I got to ride the African Twin over Couch Summit .
My first impressions :
The cockpit felt small – I would need to adjust seat height ( maybe a taller seat ) , bar risers & position-

The DCT is weird sensation and would take me a day to get use to it but I could jam the brakes and bike
would down shift and not stall . The suspension had a sure footed feel.


Neals Bridge South Fork of the Boise



Steve's photo’s of the  slack waters of Arrow Rock Reservoir

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