Saturday, October 28, 2017

Devil’s Birthday Ride –Indian Hot Tub 10/28/2017


Loop   – ~ 210 miles
Riders – John , Byron


Bruneau is pretty close to a libertarian paradise …. no city government .


We had lunch at the 1 STOP .  We got to  visit with a rancher and his grandson. He was hauling a load of road mix
to Mountain View .

IMG_2330 Stitch

One of my objectives was to find Indian Bathtub hot spring.

Indian Bathtub

Well we rode right to it , turned around without realizing we were there .

IMG_2337 Stitch
Roberson Trail – didn’t have time  to ride to canyon , we  were on a tight schedule .



Another view of the Bruneau Canyon .

Using Google Earth you can see several tracks to the canyon edge . Can’t wait to go back during the next warm spell.

IMG_2346 Stitch


Mock tank battalion in the desert , part of the Air Force bombing range .

IMG_2353 Stitch
Ventured to the top of the Cinder Cone Butte for the first time . It’s about 400-500 feet above the desert floor .

This might be the last big bike for a while , 50F is about my limit for highway riding even with GORTEX.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Box Canyon Bust 10/8/2017



Loop – 280 miles

Bryon and I had plans to ride through Hill City cut back across the
mountains to Bliss then work our way to Box Canyon.

As we climbed Immigrant Road I decided to change the route  through the valley since the
mountains looked like they might have weather.

We had strong cross winds that would blow you off the road if you
stood on the pegs .

box canyon
Google Earth showed a row to the canyon edge .
Cool ! I’m not going to hike to the bottom but should get some nice pictures
from the top.
However you have to park just off the pavement and hike a couple miles to the
canyon. The wind was still blowing 30+mph and I was in motocross boots .
It was big UGH UGH.

We decided to loop back to Hagerman for lunch.



IMG_1805 Stitch
Shoestring hugs the cliffs above the Snake River between Bliss and Glens Ferry.
Great views.

IMG_1818 Stitch

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Lazy Butt 2017 9/28-10/2 | Our Lady of Internal Combustion



IMG_1717 Stitch       

 We held the ride at Baumgartner this year , camp was set up in Kelly Flats .  
12 riders showed up across the 4 days, including two from California .
I rode 3 of the 4, clocking ~160 miles.

A cold front moved through the prior week dropping 8-10 inches of snow at the higher elevations.

The lows hovered around freezing with highs in the 60’s , epic conditions !

Thursday 9/28 – Atlanta



Trail Boss – Dave
Riders       - Scott , John C , Jon , Gerald, Gary E , Gary T , John A

Loop ~ 75 miles 
             Little Water , Willow Creek Connector , Decker Creek  , Flint Creek
             Atlanta – Burgers at Beaver Creek
             James Creek Road, Corbus , Trail Creek , Shake Creek 

My first time on (the entire length of) Decker , Flint and Corbus .
DSCF6060 Stitch

The View from Little Water

DSCF6062 Stitch
Little Water

DSCF6064 Stitch

Top of Willow Creek Connector , the north slope had 4-6 inches of snow. The ground wasn’t frozen but still felt
sketchy with a trials tire.       


Willow Creek Connector and Decker Creek 

Dave helped get everyone over a couple of trees at the bottom of Decker.
DSCF6066 Stitch
Saddle after climbing through snow and rocks on Decker

Quite a bit of snow on the north slopes. Decker probably had 6-8 inches.
I was spooked all the way down.
Decker and Senator intersection.
We decided to take Decker into Atlanta to avoid more snow.

DSCF6069 Stitch

Looking back up the Decker drainage

DSCF6071 Stitch

Flint * Decker intersection 

DSCF6073 Stitch

Had lunch at Beaver Lodge , got the last burgers they had on hand. The wood stove was blazing so we stayed outside.
A couple of the guys bought gas from Johnny , a third generation resident of Atlanta.

Gary T and Scott decided to take James Creek Road into Featherville and camp.

The rest of rode Corbus/Trail Creek/Shake Creek , ~ 30 miles of uninterrupted single track.
Corbus was a first for several of us , sweet sweet trail.


I started to fade on the way back, riding slower and doing stupid shit.
Dave rode sweep to keep an eye on me.

DSCF6076 Stitch

Shake Creek

Dave’s helmet cam.

Friday  9/29 – Boardman



We split into two groups : 

A Riders – Dave , Gerald, Randy ,Gary 
– Beaver Creek /Deadwood /Boardman / washouts along SF Boise Road

Spodes ~John A, Jon, John C , Scott  
Loop ~ 48 miles
Kelly Creek/Bremner /Boardman/Conant/Little Skelton/Skelton 

We would meet at the Deadwood* Boardman intersection, wait 30 minutes before moving on if we
didn’t connect .

When I rolled out of Deer Park , I tried to ride a ridge between two ruts after dropping off a tree root.
The front wheel washed and I body slammed into the hillside . Felt like I got rabbit punched  in the kidney.

I was able to pick the bike up so I decided I would be OK. 

DSCF6078 Stitch
John , Jon and Scott on Bremner .

DSCF6080 Stitch

Riding up Boardman Driveway

DSCF6082 Stitch

Boardman Pass.
The north side  had a bit of snow and was frozen in spots.

DSCF6085 Stitch      

Just below the snowline .

DSCF6087 Stitch

As we rolled up to the intersection shortly after Dave had arrived .

DSCF6089 Stitch

After maybe 20-30 minutes Gerald, Gary and Randy arrived. 


One of the first creek crossings .

About halfway down there are several shale slides and rock gardens on the side hill.


In a easy section between the obstacles I was cruising in 2nd  , clipped a rock and high-sided.
It took be a bit to crawl back on the trail.  I walked down around the corner and gave a couple of shouts for “Gerald” .

Walked back to the bike to wait for help. After a few Gerald walks up, he happened to be stopped at the next rock garden
with his helmet off and heard me !

I had a tow strap , tied the front wheel off to the stump and we flipped the bike over.
Then we worked the back wheel up.
Moved the strap to the rear Tugger and tied off to a rock ( the one I hit ).
Started alternating moving the front and rear until we got the bike back on the trail.

2017092995143933DSCF6094 Stitch

It’s a beautiful canyon but I didn’t do much sight seeing after my spill.

In the creek bottoms I started to notice every time I was on the pegs my pack felt heavy . 
When I stopped
 , I couldn't swing my leg off. Finally figured out the bungee cord  I had fastened my wind breaker had
hooked on the Tugger and my wind breaker was gone !

I  rode Conat , Little Skeleton , Skeleton to get around the washouts on the road.
A-Riders – Dave , Randy , Gerald and Gary wanted to ride the washouts and slides.      

Gerald was heartbroken he scratched his bike !   

Started raining ~ 6AM and quit about 10-11AM. 

I would be exceptional conditions but I felt beat up and tried.  I decided to take a rest day and hang around camp.       
Sunday 10/1 – Middle Fork Lime Creek and Presidents



Loop ~ 35 miles
  Kelly Creek/ MF Lime Creek / President / Blue Ridge

Riders – Scott ,Loyal, Jon , John , Doug

I wanted to do a quick ride , get back , break camp and be heading home by 3PM.

Doug said this was his first ride in maybe five years .

Dropping down the Middle Fork of Lime Creek.

We stopped to wait for Doug , he started out OK.

I had stuffed the ear plug in my ear and couldn’t get it out. Loyal had to use Leatherman's to retrieve it.        
While waiting for Doug we heard a yell.

I thought it was happy yell but he had jammed his foot between the peg and a rock.
We offered to ride him back up to the ATV trail but he wanted to do the loop.

DSCF6105 StitchDSCF6109 Stitch
The bottom of Presidents

DSCF6111 StitchDSCF6114 StitchDSCF6117 Stitch

The “lunch spot” on President.
It started snowing and we had to gear up. We heard Doug’s bike then it was quite .
He had looped his bike and broke the handle bars.
Loyal was able to shift the bars and clamp each piece into the clamps.

It was couple of miles of easy single track then ATV trail into camp. Doug had to retighten the bars a couple of times
but he was able to make it back to camp !

DSCF6123 StitchDSCF6125 Stitch
President * Blue Ridge intersection.

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