Sunday, April 12, 2015

Beautiful Idaho Sunshine–Thorn Creek 4/12/2015



Trail Boss – Spode Daddy
Rider – Chad

Loop ~ 57 miles  / 15 mph avg

Trail Head is 30 miles from the house.


We had to tighten up Chad’s steering column .

My bike was dribbling gas out of the overflow . I tapped the carb a few times and it seemed to stop.
It did it last fall too. I’ll have to order new float valve , clean the carb & check the float height .

DSCF4776 Stitch

Chad watching deer on Minneha Ridge.

DSCF4778 Stitch


~ midway up Easter Creek.

DSCF4782 Stitch

DSCF4787DSCF4785 Stitch

We had to stop and take in the views when we crested Easter Creek.

On the way down I had Chad go first to knock the water bushes Smile.

DSCF4788 Stitch


Thorn Creek LO in the background.

DSCF4792 Stitch
Lunch near Pine Creek Trail Head.


Pine Creek Trail Head , no wonder we didn’t see it Friday. Loggers had pushed some trees in front of it.


We missed some turns on the way back but found a sweet trail we didn’t realize was there !
Rode my 1st side hill of the year !

Friday, April 10, 2015

Global Warming Day–Thorn Creek 4/10/2015



Trail Boss – Jim Bob

Riders – Pat  , John

Loop ~ 49 miles

Fun ride even the roads were fun after a winter of desert riding.

Hero dirt plus new AT81 on the front and new IRC Trials on the rear .

DSCF4762 Stitch

Minneha Ridge

Me dropping down Minneha Ridge.

DSCF4765 Stitch

Easter Creek Drainage

Me riding up Easter Creek


Jim Bob and Pat on Easter Creek

DSCF4767 Stitch
Upper Easter Creek

DSCF4769 Stitch
Jim Bob after derailing the hill climb.

Jim Bob clearing Trail



Wednesday, April 8, 2015


After riding the lower elevations of Idaho City I decided to retire the AT81’s and put  a Trials Tire on the TE250.

While I had the wheel off the drive side bearing felt dry so I decided to change the bearings.
Didn’t want to find a bad bearing on a ridge top or the bottom of deep drainage.

The brake side came out as normal. On the drive side I never could find the edge of the bearing with the drift.
I had to resort to using the flange of the spindle from my tire basket to grab meat of the bearing .

There was a plastic spacer between the bearing and the hub !

I gave CycleBuy a call explained my issue . The gal said Arran  was on the phone to KTM about the same issue !
A local customer had called the day before.  Arran would call me back with what he found out.
While waiting on Arran I talked to to Dan at Munn Racing . He had never seen such a thing and had no clue.

Arran called me back and said I should put the spacer back in.
The first “genius “ said no bikes have the spacer and the second “genius” said all the KTM bearing kits have the spacer.
Told him mine did not !

David Jones pointed me to this thread on KTMTalk -

The SX & XC models now have a larger axle & different hub than the XCW’s  (TE’s) utilizing the distance spacer.

By this time
Karl joined the comments. Karl owns a KTM shop in Iceland.
Confirmed the TE250 should not have the spacer and the axles are different from the SX/XC’s.




250XC with distance spacer .

I assembled the hub with old spacer but it was still driving me nuts.

I ordered new bearings and a distance ring from Rocky Mountain.

Removed the bearings and  mic’d the hub.

Drive side cavity – 23.8 mm/ brake side –20.5 mm/ spacer  3.0 mm

The spacer actually centers the spacer tube in the hub.
The bearing is seated on the tube not the spacer.

It looks as if I have an orphan hub that was machined to the wrong
depth – same as the SX/XC specs.

A neat thing I learned with all this is that Karl called me from Reykjavik
using the FaceBook Messenger !
Pretty Cool – “free” international calls with an internet connection.

Karl will be making a road trip through the west with his wife and dad this fall.
Hope he decides to visit Idaho !

Friday, March 27, 2015

Big Love–Prairie 3/27/2015




Did a quick afternoon loop ( ~142 miles)  through Prairie with a stop at Long Tom Reservoir along the way.
First time into Long Tom, hoping to see some elk herds but nobody was home.



Long Tom

Cow Creek Road with the Trinities in the background .


South Fork of Boise River form Smith Prairie

Prairie Bar & Restaurant

Crew just came in from planting 56,000 trees Idaho State Land burned by the 2013 fires.

Most from somewhere south of border . Beer ,Pool, and
I  asked one of them if the guys in van lost a bet ? He said no something is wrong with them, they don’t like beer and TV !
The café owner said they come in every afternoon and stay until 10 PM.

In 2013 the state harvested the burned area on state land. This year they are replanting , hoping ~ 30of the samplings take hold.
The Feds haven’t done Jack Shit on Forrest Service or BLM land .



South Fork on the way to Neal's Bridge








I explored a short way up a two track in a side canyon.  I think with a saw and dirt bike you could make a trail all the way up to Long Gulch.

I stopped at this thicket before I got to a spot too narrow to turn a 500 lb bike around.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Spode Daddy is Spode Daddy - Doyle Mountain Ride 3/8/2015




Trail Boss – Spode Daddy

Riders – Chad, Dave

Dave provided the video & most photos  from his Sony Action Cam.

It was Chad’s 1st ride in 7 years & his very 1st ride on his 2015 200 XCW. My 1st ride with Dave.

We parked at Missile Base Road & Oreana Cutoff . 

Rode past the Missile Bunker  > Poison Creek > Half Moon Pass > Doyle Mnt > Savage Crossing >  back to the trucks

Loop ~ 62 miles   , I hit reserve about 50 yards from the truck.


Top of Half Moon Pass.



Me on the ground . Victim of whiskey throttle. Was sitting waiting for  Chad & Dave at a turn, took off sitting down , got bumped , lit up the rear wheel.


Met another group . I crossed paths with them last summer near Dead Wood.

It took a few passes to find the final leg of single track into Savage , then the last ~1/3 of the trails was blocked by
Junipers that were cut last year. We had to take the Side Hill trail to the road into Savage.

11019210_1553695428251749_807541604507343020_n (1)

Savage Crossing at Castle Creek.

11059333_1553695511585074_6779509605855406249_nDSCF4731 Stitch

Homesteader’s cabin .


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