Saturday, January 5, 2013



tilt maptopo

Yeah it was a short ride, but slow.

Loop ~ 12 miles

Riders- Dave, Dave, Chris , John




Waiting for Dave*2 in Grand View. The dash indicated the temp was ~ 1’ F.

Had a lunch at the YBAR before heading to Dead Cow Wash.  Hadn’t seen Wyman since Temple MT last spring.


Temp at Dead Cow when we unloaded.




Wyman’s new 300 !

Snapshot 1 (1-4-2013 7-56 PM)

Tapp’s rear would stay inflated he decide to head back to the truck.

Hidden ruts and woops made the traction on the trail squirrely.  Cross country wasn’t too bad, but still low speed.







DSCF3812-1 Stitch

We dropped into a small wash.


Snapshot 3 (1-5-2013 8-22 PM)

Where the snow was virgin traction wasn’t too bad. I struggled where the cows made ice.




Snapshot 4 (1-5-2013 8-25 PM)

Connected with Tapp when we connected to the big wash.
My goggles iced up when I stopped. Fiddling with my goggles I dropped a glove in the snow.
When I reached over to pick it up I high sided and broke my new visor . When I picked my bike up I noticed a drop of coolant in the snow ,but didn’t think much of it since over filled the radiator the night before.

We cross country to Vinson wash then back to the trucks.

Snapshot 3 (1-4-2013 8-35 PM)Snapshot 2 (1-4-2013 8-30 PM)

On the way back both Wyman’s and my bike sounded lean, but not surprised with the temp around ZERO.
I checked my radiator and it was low. Puzzling since it never boiled over.


Wyman , Tapp and Chris after the ride.


Owyhee traffic jam on the way to the highway .

Back home the radiator looked to be almost completely empty ! I filled it up and decided to check it out in the morning.

Sunday I did a plug check and of course it looked lean so I re-jetted  to a richer needle and main.

I rolled the bike out and fired it up to look for the leak. Had a stream of coolant out of the right side !

Found the “inner clutch gasket” leaking near the water pump.  Decided to have
 Moto Tech replace the gasket as well as the water pump seals while they had it apart. I have ~ 300+ hrs on the engine.

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