Sunday, August 31, 2014

First ride of Indian Summer–Lime Creek 8/31/2014



Riders – David , John , Eric

Loop ~ 50 miles

First dirt bike ride for me in about 4 weeks , first ride for Dave in 3 weeks , first ride for Eric in about 10 years !

Fantastic day , in the 60’s on the mountain and showers the night before.

I was worried that I would be all cobbley  after not riding for so long , but I did ok.
Paddled in few spots , rode a gear lower in the first few miles but felt good after a bit.

Also first ride with Tubliss system.  I like it.
Rear –IRC tubeless tire @ 9 PSI
Front – GEOMAX 51 @15 PSI  , after lunch I dropped it down to 10 PSI absolutely fantastic on the run down President !


DSCF4481 Stitch

David at Roanhide * Coyote connector


Eric on crest of Roanhide.


DSCF4484 Stitch

Group we met on Bremmner . They were camping at Baumgartner said it was empty.



DSCF4487 Stitch

View from President.

Only down side – the ride was to short !

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