Monday, February 20, 2017

Presidents Day Ride–Jacks Creek 2/20/2017





Loop ~ I clocked 55 miles

Trail Boss- JimBob , Dave 

Riders – Spode Daddy , Jeff , Dave , Rich , Brian ,Myk

Photos – Spode Daddy , Dave
Videos – Dave


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Wyman set up a Presidents Day ride, meet at the Compressor Road off HWY51.
I arrived a half hour early, it was already 50F but the wind was howling.
My cap blew off all the way to the road  when I stepped out of  the truck.


DSCF5797 Stitch

JimBob grew up on a nearby farm. He took us on a ~ 30 mile loop of old race courses and trails he rode as a kid.




One of the washes below Horse Hill.
Some where along the wash I felt  water on my leg, thought it was a puddle but I had lost the valve on my
mouth piece and all my water .

DSCF5800 Stitch



Descending Horse Hill  , it took me two tries to climb it .


DSCF5804 Stitch

DSCF5805 Stitch





We looped back to the truck so I could replace the mouthpiece and replenish my water.

DSCF5807 Stitch
Little Jacks Creek


DSCF5809 Stitch


DSCF5809 Stitch





Rock crawling through a canyon . I took the easy way out .


Big Jack was running high !
There was a hole just as you climb out . I looped my bike but landed on dry ground.

Rich bobbled on a rock and dropped his bike.
Jeff jumped in and kept the bike from completely submerging .





DSCF5821 Stitch


Dewatering the bike , it started right up.


Jeff and Rich dried out the best they could.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Play Dress Up & Go Ride Dirt Bikes–Grand View 2/12/2017



1st ride since December ,  1st in 2017 and 1st ride with Lectron Carb.

Loop ~ 42 miles
Trail Boss – Jeff & Dave

Whole host of riders .

Photos- Dave , Jeff , SPode Daddy
Videos –David, Dave & Jeff


We had a late start so I grabbed lunch at the Y-Bar.




DSCF5785 Stitch



DSCF5787 Stitch


The Hill Climb . I always go around ,today it was soupy on the bottom.


DSCF5793 Stitch

DSCF5789 StitchDSCF5791 Stitch



The Water Fall


Picking our way through the rocks to the bottom



A patch of bottomless soupy clay .

As we started dropping in elevation and the day wore on the ground began to dry up.
Vinson Wash started out sweet then as we got lower started hitting snow backs and
frozen sand . I did a slow speed drift through one corner then went went down in a
frozen straight@~30mph. I had removed my studs which was a week too early.




1st ride with the Lectron and first impression is good.
No spooge and used 1.3gal in 42 miles.
Good mileage  for me riding mostly in 3rd & 4th through
the muck and sand.

OffRoader’s video

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