Monday, May 29, 2017

Sunday’s Bucket List 5/28/2017



Saturday I found out I had a Sunday pass.
Decided to cross a few things off the list :

Lunch at the Wrangler
Scout the Willow Creek trailhead ( Ketchum –Warmsprings )
Magic Reservoir & Little City of Rocks never been to either one in 36 years
I've been in Idaho.

Loop  ~ 380 miles

Slack waters of Arrow Rock / SF Boise

Lupines near Prairie

Along with Priming the Pump , Donald invented the Bacon Cheeseburger .

IMG_0679 Stitch

IMG_0679 Stitch
Buttercup still has a ton of snow on the south slopes.

IMG_0682 Stitch

IMG_0684 Stitch
Just past the Cherry Creek campsite the road is closed.
A few miles up the road there is a large washout . I decided
to turn around and use my time visiting Magic .

IMG_0686 Stitch
Willow Creek cut a lot of new channels.
I think it will be another ~6 weeks before the snow banks
are gone .

IMG_0689 Stitch
Moonstone campsite Magic Reservoir

IMG_0691 Stitch
IMG_0693 Stitch

Magic Spillway


Coffee break at Manhattan CafĂ© Shoshone , Idaho  .

IMG_0696 Stitch

IMG_0698 Stitch

IMG_0702 Stitch

Little City of Rocks , Gooding .
It’s looks like a lost civilization .

IMG_0706 Stitch

The Camus Prairie

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Indian Country/Edge of the of the Big Empty–Owyhee Reservoir 5/23/2017



Riders- John , Byron
Loop – 231 miles

Byron and I took another stab at riding the Owyhee Tunnel canal road 
into Owyhee Reservoir.



Breakfast at the The Bowling Alley

I thought I knew how to connect to the Tunnel Road off of HWY201 ,
but we still would have to cross peoples yards to connect.

IMG_0617 Stitch

We rode back to Succor Creek and took the Power line road .



IMG_0621 StitchIMG_0619 Stitch


IMG_0624 Stitch

IMG_0626 Stitch

Owyhee Reservoir  .

tunnel road
The last mile of the descent into the canyon was steep and cobbley .
I found I had more control dead engine coasting , probably
because the ABS was disabled .

IMG_0628IMG_0629 Stitch

Found some shade at Snively Hot Springs .
I managed to loose my reading glasses.

IMG_0631 Stitch




IMG_0636 Stitch

Oregon’s Big Empty

IMG_0639 Stitch



Negro Rock
As we traveled through the canyon the bike showed the temperatures at 95F !
The canyon was also littered with dead cattle , probably winter kill from the storms .


In Vale I bought another pair of reading glasses then we dropped in next door
for a cold beer .

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