Sunday, December 28, 2014




52 mile loop. Did better in sand washes but still not fast and no confidence to hit the snow covered whoops.


Greg texted me early in the week that he was in town & to let him know if I was riding.  Friday afternoon JimBob sent a message
that we wanted to ride Saturday. We agreed to met at the “Dead Cow” wash by Grand View.

It was ~ 24F at 10AM Saturday morning when we left and in the mid 30’s when we got done.


Old missile bunker




I managed to get hung in hole climbing out of the creek. Greg helped me pull the bike out of the hole.

Dole Cabin






Greg got a pinch flat in Birch Creek Canyon.

Most of Birch Creek is hammered from the races.
I did OK in the lower portion but still didn’t carry any speed, maybe 40 MPH.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Dirt Bikers Matter Too and other Tales of White Privilege – Grand View 12/13/2014



YMAN  sent out a group text “they” were meeting at the Y-BAR in Grand View at 9AM for breakfast .

Trail Boss – Butch

Riders – Dave , James ,John, Joel 

Joel was running a 19” rim on the front with a rear tire !

First ride with Dunlop Desert AT81, much better in the sand than a trials with 800 miles.
Ran the front at 10 PSI and rear at 7 PSI ( using TUBLISS system).
Still don’t have the confidence to let it rip in deep loose sand, but did OK.



James had a close encounter with a sagebrush and parted ways with his bike.
Knocked the wind out of him and may have banged up a rib.  James said he was going to hang back with me,
it lasted about a quarter mile. Another 2-3 miles up the wash he was in lead and had to lock it up to avoid a fence.



DSCF4637 Stitch




DSCF4639 Stitch

Old missile bunker 



DSCF4642 2 Stitch

Butch and James on top of a lower pass below Dole Mountain . We talked about riding up Dole then down Birch, but when we got to intersection decided to cut out
the Doyle loop worrying we would run Joel out of gas.
About a half mile from the truck I hit reserve !

Need to a  check plug  , verify my needle . jetting. float …..

Apr├Ęs Ride Follow Up

Sunday I unload the bike , turned the petcock to reserve and leaned the bike over – a few dribbles  but stopped when I put it up again. 

Rolled it into the shop and put it on the stand. Turned around and gas was pouring out the overflow !
Pulled the carb off , removed the bowel, sure enough the was some goo in the bottom and specs in the seat of the needle valve.
I guess I should clean it every year whether it needs it or not.

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