Saturday, December 13, 2014

Dirt Bikers Matter Too and other Tales of White Privilege – Grand View 12/13/2014



YMAN  sent out a group text “they” were meeting at the Y-BAR in Grand View at 9AM for breakfast .

Trail Boss – Butch

Riders – Dave , James ,John, Joel 

Joel was running a 19” rim on the front with a rear tire !

First ride with Dunlop Desert AT81, much better in the sand than a trials with 800 miles.
Ran the front at 10 PSI and rear at 7 PSI ( using TUBLISS system).
Still don’t have the confidence to let it rip in deep loose sand, but did OK.



James had a close encounter with a sagebrush and parted ways with his bike.
Knocked the wind out of him and may have banged up a rib.  James said he was going to hang back with me,
it lasted about a quarter mile. Another 2-3 miles up the wash he was in lead and had to lock it up to avoid a fence.



DSCF4637 Stitch




DSCF4639 Stitch

Old missile bunker 



DSCF4642 2 Stitch

Butch and James on top of a lower pass below Dole Mountain . We talked about riding up Dole then down Birch, but when we got to intersection decided to cut out
the Doyle loop worrying we would run Joel out of gas.
About a half mile from the truck I hit reserve !

Need to a  check plug  , verify my needle . jetting. float …..

Après Ride Follow Up

Sunday I unload the bike , turned the petcock to reserve and leaned the bike over – a few dribbles  but stopped when I put it up again. 

Rolled it into the shop and put it on the stand. Turned around and gas was pouring out the overflow !
Pulled the carb off , removed the bowel, sure enough the was some goo in the bottom and specs in the seat of the needle valve.
I guess I should clean it every year whether it needs it or not.

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