Sunday, November 9, 2014




Trail Boss – Jeff

Riders – Al, Gary, Gordon, John, David

Loop - ~48 miles

Hunter Creek >  South Fork Lime Creek > Boardman > Boardman > Bremner > Coyote > Roanhide > Hole in the Wall 

Gordon put out a call for a Saturday ride, said it would be his first big boy rode of the year.
I called him Friday morning to see who responded. He told me  AL and Jeff wanted to ride Lime Creek and were going to meet at Jeff’s house.

I alerted Dave ,  he was in and  suggested  Warm Springs/Ketchum. 
I checked with the Ketchum office who told me all the trails were open from the fire closures except  the Deer Creek  drainage  . 

We met the Mountain Home crew at AJ’s . After a bit of discussion they were set on riding Lime Creek because it was closer.

We parked just above Cow Creek reservoir. Turned out it was on a ranch and the owner left us note he didn’t want us  parking there. 



When we got to the Hunter Creek trail head , Gordon discovered he had a flat.
After he got the tube patched , Gordon & Jeff suggested we ride on and they would catch up.


DSCF4606 Stitch

Al and Gary a few miles up the South Fork Lime Creek trail. It was slow and technical ,mostly 1st & 2nd .  In the sun it was warm , in the shade there was ice.
I had to stop and remove my helmet liner. Later I had to ride with out my goggles because they were fogging up.


As we approached Hole in the Wall, a series  of beaver ponds created some deep holes on the trail.

DSCF4609 Stitch

We all gathered up after a deep long hole. It was up to the bottom of the tank and had thin layer of ice.








Along the faster upper part  the South Fork , Gordon clipped his handle bars on rock and launched off the trail.
He thought he would be able to ride it out , but a tree swept him off the bike. 
Jeff, Al and Gary helped him walk it along the side hill, over a log where Jeff could ride it back up.





Lunch at Boardman trail head.
David went to stretch his back and popped something, locking up his back. He decided to ride the roads back to the trucks.


DSCF4616 Stitch


Boardman trail after the first slick stretch of snow. It wasn’t deep and the ground hadn’t froze yet.


DSCF4619 Stitch

Al                     Gary                                                                                                                      Gordon


Boardman Pass had several  inches of snow, obvious we had to go to plan  ‘ B’.
We rode back down Boardman and took  Bremner > Coyote > Roanhide > Hole in the Wall , back to the trucks.

David  got back to the truck  around 3:00-3:30, took a pain pill and drank a cup of coffee. He was feeling and moving much better.
David said the roads were icy in the shade. When he got down to the valley there was a large herd of Pronghorns that crossed his path.

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