Monday, June 24, 2013

Idaho Sweetness -Warm Springs 6/23/2013



Riders- David , Brian, John

Loop ~ 60 miles
Parked at Cherry Creek.
Rode            Ditto Flats=> Warmsprings Drive (AKA Secret Trail) =>Middle Fork Warm Springs => SF Warmsprings=>
                      Warfield=> Red Warrior=> Lodge Pole => Mahoney => Howards Trail => Deer Creek => Poison Flats –>
                      Willow Creek

Three weeks ago David and I were turned around by snow
Snow was gone and the chainsaw fairies were busy Saturday night !

DSCF4040 Stitch

David & Brian on “The Drive”

DSCF4042 Stitch

Driveway and Middle Fork intersection.



DSCF4044 Stitch
Warfield looking across to Pioneer Mountains1052383_696177787074291_739426716_o

Brian helping me cross Warm Springs at the bottom of Warfield.
We decided to walk the bikes because of the high water and big rocks.



Brain on Red Warrior






DSCF4048Horseman who rode up HowardsDSCF4049 Stitch

Top of Willow Creek ATV trail


My trail trophies

Sunday, June 16, 2013

SMOKY DOME - 6/16/2013



For a fathers day treat David and I rode the Smoky Dome Loop.
We parked just past Soldier Mountain Ski Hill, a first for me .

Riders – David, John

Loop ~ 65 miles ( ~ 15 miles of Federal Roads Sad smile)


DSCF4021 Stitch

We followed these fellows in from Fairfield. They’re from Buhl , good guys. 


DSCF4023 Stitch

Smoky Dome- Idaho Single Track is open for business !



DSCF4026 Stitch

Crest of Smoky Dome trail


From the crest we dropped ~ 4000 ft in 6-7 miles on the Soldier / Miller Creek Trail. Sweet Ride !

DSCF4029 Stitch

DSCF4031 StitchDSCF4033 Stitch

Bottom of Miller Creek.
We rode ~ 14 miles along the South Fork road to Kelly Flats where we had lunch. Then took Kelly Creek=> Bremner.


Sage Hen DSCF4038 Stitch

View from east side of Iron Mountain


Rush Hour at The Wrangler- See Mt Bikers, Horseman and Dirt Bikers all get along.

My Road Rash. I was gawking at the scenery and washed the front wheel out in a turn  on a logging ROAD !20130616_184728_zps616fa9cf

I wacked the ground pretty quick. Didn’t think I was hurt but had to lie there a moment to make sure.

Saturday, June 8, 2013





Riders- David , John

Loop ~ 48 miles


DSCF4001 Stitch

DSCF4004 Stitch

South Fork Lime Creek.


DSCF4006 Stitch

Crest of Ronhide

Dirt was pretty sweet after riding South Fork Lime
DSCF4007 Stitch
Lunch at Deer Park
I got my groove back after lunch, felt like I found my balance after lunch.

DSCF4012 StitchDSCF4015 Stitch

Presidents Trail

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Willow Creek Dual Sport–6/1/2013


Riders – David , John

Loop- 57 miles

David and Karen went camping at the top of a Willow Creek road. I told him him I would come up for a day ride.

We were a couple of weeks earlier than  last years first ride but optimistic because of this seasons low snow fall.

I parked at Cherry Creek and rode the bike to end of Willow Creek where David was camped.


DSCF3983 Stitch

Top of the ridge on the Willow Creek trail.DSCF3980 Stitch

Even the high trail was blocked  so we would have to work on an alternative route.


The trail over to the Dollar Hide Ridge was open and looked to have a couple of fresh cuts and old ruts in the snow banks.  However the Middle Fork trail was not passable and neither was the ridge trail all the way over to the road.


DSCF3988 Stitch

David after helping me get my bike on the trail. While back tracking I went below a snow bank instead above.
I spun out when trying to pop back on the trail.

DSCF3990 Stitch



DSCF3986 Stitch

We went back to this ATV track , dropped off the ridge and explored some old logging and mining roads.


Camper had a 8-track deck !DSCF3994

David after face plant

DSCF3993 Stitch

Saddle on “ The Secret Trail” . It’s getting more beat in.


After I loaded up and left Cherry Creek I had to wait for the sheep to be unloaded. They were almost done and only took another 20 minutes for them to move the trucks.


Just another 100 yards was a wide spot  they could of parked and not blocked the road.

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