Sunday, June 16, 2013

SMOKY DOME - 6/16/2013



For a fathers day treat David and I rode the Smoky Dome Loop.
We parked just past Soldier Mountain Ski Hill, a first for me .

Riders – David, John

Loop ~ 65 miles ( ~ 15 miles of Federal Roads Sad smile)


DSCF4021 Stitch

We followed these fellows in from Fairfield. They’re from Buhl , good guys. 


DSCF4023 Stitch

Smoky Dome- Idaho Single Track is open for business !



DSCF4026 Stitch

Crest of Smoky Dome trail


From the crest we dropped ~ 4000 ft in 6-7 miles on the Soldier / Miller Creek Trail. Sweet Ride !

DSCF4029 Stitch

DSCF4031 StitchDSCF4033 Stitch

Bottom of Miller Creek.
We rode ~ 14 miles along the South Fork road to Kelly Flats where we had lunch. Then took Kelly Creek=> Bremner.


Sage Hen DSCF4038 Stitch

View from east side of Iron Mountain


Rush Hour at The Wrangler- See Mt Bikers, Horseman and Dirt Bikers all get along.

My Road Rash. I was gawking at the scenery and washed the front wheel out in a turn  on a logging ROAD !20130616_184728_zps616fa9cf

I wacked the ground pretty quick. Didn’t think I was hurt but had to lie there a moment to make sure.

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