Saturday, June 1, 2013

Willow Creek Dual Sport–6/1/2013


Riders – David , John

Loop- 57 miles

David and Karen went camping at the top of a Willow Creek road. I told him him I would come up for a day ride.

We were a couple of weeks earlier than  last years first ride but optimistic because of this seasons low snow fall.

I parked at Cherry Creek and rode the bike to end of Willow Creek where David was camped.


DSCF3983 Stitch

Top of the ridge on the Willow Creek trail.DSCF3980 Stitch

Even the high trail was blocked  so we would have to work on an alternative route.


The trail over to the Dollar Hide Ridge was open and looked to have a couple of fresh cuts and old ruts in the snow banks.  However the Middle Fork trail was not passable and neither was the ridge trail all the way over to the road.


DSCF3988 Stitch

David after helping me get my bike on the trail. While back tracking I went below a snow bank instead above.
I spun out when trying to pop back on the trail.

DSCF3990 Stitch



DSCF3986 Stitch

We went back to this ATV track , dropped off the ridge and explored some old logging and mining roads.


Camper had a 8-track deck !DSCF3994

David after face plant

DSCF3993 Stitch

Saddle on “ The Secret Trail” . It’s getting more beat in.


After I loaded up and left Cherry Creek I had to wait for the sheep to be unloaded. They were almost done and only took another 20 minutes for them to move the trucks.


Just another 100 yards was a wide spot  they could of parked and not blocked the road.

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