Monday, May 25, 2009



Lime Creek ~60 miles.

David packed his chain saw and I packed extra gas and bar oil.

On the way into the south fork we met 4 riders on KTM’s who were also packing a saw. They had been up since Friday clearing trail. After a run down on their trail work we stashed the saw , fuel & oil.

Still couldn’t make full loops because of snow & high water.

We did make it up Roanhide and then down Coyote.

The trial up to Iron Mt and down Bremner were still blocked by snow.

There were tracks thru the drifts but we didn’t want to get on the down hillside of one not be able to get back up.

The South Fork was even running higher than last week. One crossing in a side channel was up to the tank, but there was no current. The water muffled the bike so much it sounded like it was dying.

The bike ran great and I rode a little bit better. I managed to get 25 mpg,

So the range is improving. I need to change the muffler packing this week.

Only had one spode attack- looped the bike on a muddy bank on a creek crossing.






David top of Coyote





David crossing South Fork of Lime Creek near Hole in the Wall junction.

Looked like there had been a blow out earlier in the week.

The normal crossing was still wider and deeper. I looped my bike on the far bank.

Monday, May 18, 2009



~50 miles

We rode into Hunter Creek then up President’s Trail. We tried to make it up to Blue Ridge but were turned around by drifts just before the trail crested.

We doubled back then rode up the SF of Lime to the 1st water crossing. David said there was a big crossing ahead , up to the tank even at lower water so we turned around.

Hunter Creek would be a great early year camp out ( May ). Even though you couldn’t do loops on the single track – you could dirt bike the single track and dual sport the ranch roads & two tracks.

Bike ran better with a clean carb. The trails tire seemed to put another 5hp on the ground. Let me ride a gear higher, but I still need to get where I can ride the side hills in 3rd.

It still sputtered a bit on the ½ mile back on the road to the truck . I’m going to pull out the peckcock & inspect the screens, look at the carb again. Also need to drain the remaining fuel to see how much I burned.


We picked our way trough the down fall ,but the next ride we need a saw.



Me on the way down Prez Trail. I’m taking Obama with me next time. Stay Tuned.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009



Monday 5 11 09

1st ride of year on Lime Creek

Good ride ~ 60 miles: ~40 single track

As you can tell we were turned around by snow drifts & at the end of the day didn’t feel like crossing the beaver pond on the middle fork.

I hit reserve at 49 miles, and then the bike wouldn’t run on the road back to truck past mid throttle. Got some work to do this


David crossing South Fork of Lime Creek


Top of Roan Hide




New crossing on Middle Fork


Trail crossing in Beaver Pond.



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