Monday, April 27, 2015

The Key to Sustainable Dirt Biking–Idaho City 4/26 /2015


Trail Boss – Spode Daddy
Riders - Eric
Loop ~ 45 miles / 16 mph avg 
fuel consumption ~1.25 g |~ 35+ mpg

Met Eric at the Granite Creek parking lot east of Idaho City.
We were the first trucks, one other arrived as were getting our gear on.
It was Eric’s 1st trail ride since December .
We rode up HooDoo .
My 1st ride up HooDoo since the ridge trail was closed, but I was able to follow the bike tracks
to find the other trail.

DSCF4810 Stitch


Top of HooDoo & Eric coming down the trail.

We then rode Rabbit Hoo down to the North Fork Road.
Eric said he took a couple of tumbles on the way down . Broke off one of the flag guards and had dirt samples in his helmet.

Took the no name ( Meadow Creek North ? ) trail that follows the ridge over to Short Creek.

DSCF4815 Stitch

DSCF4818 Stitch
DSCF4821 Stitch
DSCF4825 Stitch 

Great views along the ridge.
As we came off the Short Creek Trail Head , Eric said he spotted a huge elk antler .
I blew right past and missed it.

Took the Meadow Creek Trails.
On the way in there were a couple of fresh windfalls we had  to move out of the way.

DSCF4830 Stitch

We stopped for lunch at one of the Meadow Creek Trail Heads.

DSCF4832 Stitch

Got back to the trucks ~ 2 PM. The parking lots were packed !


Monday, April 20, 2015

Not the Campaign Trail–Thorn Creek 4/19/2015



Trail Boss – Spode Daddy

Riders – Chad , Bob

Loop ~ 55 miles

Forth ride in a row out of Thorn Creek,  each one a a different variation.
Hadn’t ridden the system in years , probably one of the reasons it has been so fun.

This ride I wanted to ride Peg Leg to Pine Creek then Dry Creek & Picasso to Steam Boat.

DSCF4795 Stitch

Bob & Chad lower Easter Creek



Chad – Easter Creek





DSCF4804 StitchDSCF4804

Fix’n to drop down the back side of Easter.

I wanted to ride Peg Leg ( fun trail !) then 660 along the ridge to the top of Pine Creek.
Some where we missed a the junction / took a wrong turn.


Me and Bob on Peg Leg.


Followed a trail that was beaten in  but there was a spot that hadn’t been cleared in while.
We had to back track then hook up with the middle of Pine Creek.

DSCF4808 Stitch

Lunch at the Pine Creek * Dry Creek junction.
After lunch I wanted to ride Dry Creek- Picasso down to the Steam Boat area, but the logging had obliterated
the trails , could find lots of remnants but they quickly disappeared.  Probably wasted an hour.

Took the road over to the Steam Boat ATV trail, it had been logged but was still OK for dirt bikes.
At one intersection with a road logs were stacked in front of the trail, but they left a sliver to get our bikes


Sunday, April 12, 2015

Beautiful Idaho Sunshine–Thorn Creek 4/12/2015



Trail Boss – Spode Daddy
Rider – Chad

Loop ~ 57 miles  / 15 mph avg

Trail Head is 30 miles from the house.


We had to tighten up Chad’s steering column .

My bike was dribbling gas out of the overflow . I tapped the carb a few times and it seemed to stop.
It did it last fall too. I’ll have to order new float valve , clean the carb & check the float height .

DSCF4776 Stitch

Chad watching deer on Minneha Ridge.

DSCF4778 Stitch


~ midway up Easter Creek.

DSCF4782 Stitch

DSCF4787DSCF4785 Stitch

We had to stop and take in the views when we crested Easter Creek.

On the way down I had Chad go first to knock the water bushes Smile.

DSCF4788 Stitch


Thorn Creek LO in the background.

DSCF4792 Stitch
Lunch near Pine Creek Trail Head.


Pine Creek Trail Head , no wonder we didn’t see it Friday. Loggers had pushed some trees in front of it.


We missed some turns on the way back but found a sweet trail we didn’t realize was there !
Rode my 1st side hill of the year !

Friday, April 10, 2015

Global Warming Day–Thorn Creek 4/10/2015



Trail Boss – Jim Bob

Riders – Pat  , John

Loop ~ 49 miles

Fun ride even the roads were fun after a winter of desert riding.

Hero dirt plus new AT81 on the front and new IRC Trials on the rear .

DSCF4762 Stitch

Minneha Ridge

Me dropping down Minneha Ridge.

DSCF4765 Stitch

Easter Creek Drainage

Me riding up Easter Creek


Jim Bob and Pat on Easter Creek

DSCF4767 Stitch
Upper Easter Creek

DSCF4769 Stitch
Jim Bob after derailing the hill climb.

Jim Bob clearing Trail



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