Sunday, April 12, 2015

Beautiful Idaho Sunshine–Thorn Creek 4/12/2015



Trail Boss – Spode Daddy
Rider – Chad

Loop ~ 57 miles  / 15 mph avg

Trail Head is 30 miles from the house.


We had to tighten up Chad’s steering column .

My bike was dribbling gas out of the overflow . I tapped the carb a few times and it seemed to stop.
It did it last fall too. I’ll have to order new float valve , clean the carb & check the float height .

DSCF4776 Stitch

Chad watching deer on Minneha Ridge.

DSCF4778 Stitch


~ midway up Easter Creek.

DSCF4782 Stitch

DSCF4787DSCF4785 Stitch

We had to stop and take in the views when we crested Easter Creek.

On the way down I had Chad go first to knock the water bushes Smile.

DSCF4788 Stitch


Thorn Creek LO in the background.

DSCF4792 Stitch
Lunch near Pine Creek Trail Head.


Pine Creek Trail Head , no wonder we didn’t see it Friday. Loggers had pushed some trees in front of it.


We missed some turns on the way back but found a sweet trail we didn’t realize was there !
Rode my 1st side hill of the year !

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