Saturday, January 25, 2014




Loop ~ 53 miles

Trail boss -  Dave
Riders – John , Al ,Gary, Chris ,Butch

Photos- Dave, Butch , John

Had breakfast at the YBar. Side walks were dry !







When we parked at Dead Cow it was in the mid 20’s with a light fog & low clouds.
I should of dressed warmer – fleece vest and warmer pants.

We took took off across the wash.  Gary grabbed too much throttle and looped out his bike about a 100 yards from the truck. He had an awkward hit  but was ok.

On the other side of the ridge we rode on single track that’s never been raced. It was fun but because of the fog I never could get my bearings. We popped out on the Oreana Cuttoff.

    1507932_10203223144838767_1777982302_nDSCF4218 Stitch



Al threatening a double dog dare.


We took some washes toward Doyle Mountain. Decided to get out of the whoops and take a direct path to the Birch Creek canyon. Crossing a little gully I hung up on a sage bush and dropped my bike. When I got going again they were out of sight and I lost their trail. Spent the next few minutes trying to find were they dropped in the canyon.
Never did. I followed a small wash and saw “ them” heading back south . Caught up but it was another group.

I rode back north and followed a wash into the canyon. I rode the trail up the canyon to an intersection with a main trail. No fresh tracks on the way so I back tracked down the canyon. I eventually met Chris. We waited for everyone to to gather up.





DSCF4220 Stitch

Doyle cabin. Damn it was cold.

From the cabin we rode up the south face of Doyle Mountain and finally broke through the clouds !


DSCF4223 Stitch

DSCF4224 Stitch



The sun was fantastic ! I finally thawed my water hose by draping the hose over the radiator.


DSCF4227 Stitch

Doyle mountain trail summit looking west toward Triangle.  We rode down to the single track that heads toward Hog Pen.


DSCF4229 Stitch

Staring down into the Abyss .

Riding the the deep freeze back toward Dead Cow.

We were riding washes toward the Oreana Cut Off road often riding outside the wash to avoid whoops.
You have to watch for G-outs.  Gary slammed into a square edge of one, hitting his tank and even rolling his handle bars forward. He was jacked up pretty good but was able to ride out and take the road back to the trucks.

Dave, Butch and I rode some trails and washes back to try to maintain some body heat. It didn’t work.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Riding with the Homers - Grand View , Idaho 1/18/2014


Loop ~ 45  miles , Dave and Butch did a few more
Riders – Dave, Butch, Chris , John

Met for breakfast at the YBar Café in Grand View. Nice sunny day when I left Boise , but as I dropped into the Snake the fog was set in and it was around 18-20F.


Looked like Dr Zhivago at the Dead Cow wash and just as cold. The other 3 had ice screws. I had decided to ride the BERG w/o screws and my trials tire. I was extra cautious riding thru the fog on the frozen ground. Traction was actual quite good, but it was way too cold to try to carry any speed.






Finally we broke out of the fog where Birch Creek crosses the Oreana Road.

DSCF4188 Stitch



DSCF4190 Stitch



We followed Birch Creek all the way to the single track track on Doyle Mnt.

DSCF4197 Stitch


DSCF4199 Stitch


DSCF4204 Stitch




DSCF4201 Stitch

Just below the crest of Doyle Mnt.

Not much snow, just a few small drifts to cross.

The back side has packed snow and few ice slabs. I just rolled thru most of it with no problems.
When we got below the snow line Butch realized he had left his pack back on the rocks. Chris & I waited while Dave & Butch retrieved it.


DSCF4206 Stitch



Hog Pen Gulch





The only spill I had all day was walking out of the YBar. I slipped on ice and busted my phone I was carrying in my hand.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Ole Fuss and Feathers Rides Murphy 1/12/2014

Riders – Brian , John
Loop – 50 miles , 2 lost (and found) fender bags


When I pulled into the trial head the truck thermometer was 45F ! However when I got out the wind was howling and made it fell like the 20’s.

Brain guided me around some of tighter trails and washes. Fun day !



“Loose”( AKA Wild) horses on the flats.


Brian on the flats. After we got across the flats I noticed my fender bag was missing from the rear fender. We backed tracked the  8 MILES to find the bag. Finally found it about 400 yards from the truck !

I attached the bag to the front fender. Then we headed toward Sinker creek.
As we gained elevation there was more mud so we looped back toward Murphy.














Brian on step up, we decided not to ride, there wasn’t a run at the bottom to get any momentum. Plus my fender bag was missing again !!



DSCF4182 Stitch

View back down the draw . This time we found the bag about 1-2 miles from the truck.

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