Sunday, January 12, 2014

Ole Fuss and Feathers Rides Murphy 1/12/2014

Riders – Brian , John
Loop – 50 miles , 2 lost (and found) fender bags


When I pulled into the trial head the truck thermometer was 45F ! However when I got out the wind was howling and made it fell like the 20’s.

Brain guided me around some of tighter trails and washes. Fun day !



“Loose”( AKA Wild) horses on the flats.


Brian on the flats. After we got across the flats I noticed my fender bag was missing from the rear fender. We backed tracked the  8 MILES to find the bag. Finally found it about 400 yards from the truck !

I attached the bag to the front fender. Then we headed toward Sinker creek.
As we gained elevation there was more mud so we looped back toward Murphy.














Brian on step up, we decided not to ride, there wasn’t a run at the bottom to get any momentum. Plus my fender bag was missing again !!



DSCF4182 Stitch

View back down the draw . This time we found the bag about 1-2 miles from the truck.

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