Monday, February 20, 2017

Presidents Day Ride–Jacks Creek 2/20/2017





Loop ~ I clocked 55 miles

Trail Boss- JimBob , Dave 

Riders – Spode Daddy , Jeff , Dave , Rich , Brian ,Myk

Photos – Spode Daddy , Dave
Videos – Dave


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Wyman set up a Presidents Day ride, meet at the Compressor Road off HWY51.
I arrived a half hour early, it was already 50F but the wind was howling.
My cap blew off all the way to the road  when I stepped out of  the truck.


DSCF5797 Stitch

JimBob grew up on a nearby farm. He took us on a ~ 30 mile loop of old race courses and trails he rode as a kid.




One of the washes below Horse Hill.
Some where along the wash I felt  water on my leg, thought it was a puddle but I had lost the valve on my
mouth piece and all my water .

DSCF5800 Stitch



Descending Horse Hill  , it took me two tries to climb it .


DSCF5804 Stitch

DSCF5805 Stitch





We looped back to the truck so I could replace the mouthpiece and replenish my water.

DSCF5807 Stitch
Little Jacks Creek


DSCF5809 Stitch


DSCF5809 Stitch





Rock crawling through a canyon . I took the easy way out .


Big Jack was running high !
There was a hole just as you climb out . I looped my bike but landed on dry ground.

Rich bobbled on a rock and dropped his bike.
Jeff jumped in and kept the bike from completely submerging .





DSCF5821 Stitch


Dewatering the bike , it started right up.


Jeff and Rich dried out the best they could.

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