Sunday, July 15, 2007

Jordan Valley / Succor Creek Dual Sport 7/15/07


Stats John Aiton - 640adv

Byron Defenbach - Vstrom 650

Miles 230

Rolling time 5:30 hrs /min

Total Time 8:20 hrs/min

Max speed – 75mph (dirt & pavement)

Original plan was to take Whiskey Mt Road out Reynolds to Jordon Creek. It tops out ~7,000-7,500 ft. Every other time I’ve taken the route we see deer and elk and you pass through an alpine meadow on top and head waters of Succor Creek . Saturday evening Byron called and said his battery on the KLR was dead. What to know if I still wanted to go or could he take his Vstrom? Of course I wanted to go we could re-route through Silver City

and stay on maintained roads.

We left my house ~ 7:15. Had to make a pit stop in Kuna, and then spent 10-15 minutes at Dan’s Ferry Service to see if there were any other takers.

We still made it into Jordan Valley by ~10AM. It was great morning overcast, temps in the 70’s and a sprinkle of rain near Silver City.

And the gal at the Chevron in JV was actually pleasant (but I don’t remember if this was the nice one or mean one)!

We breakfast at the JV Café and were back on the road by 11:30. There was 2-3 fire camps set up in town.

We took the Hwy 95 north to the Succor Creek turn off.


This portion of Succor Creek is a maintain road thru wide open vista’s. You can top out in the straights ~ 75mph.



We rode about halfway down Leslie Gulch to Dago Gulch




Dago Gulch (doesn’t seem very PC does it?) I need to see how far I can ride down this road.

Just as we turned around to head back to Succor Creek CG we spotted Big Horn Sheep along the road. They were pretty tame, you get right under them.


Just as we exited Leslie Gulch my let boot felt cool and wet and I hadn’t crossed an creeks ! I looked down and saw gas streaming from the tank.

The cross over hose had come loose and I was spilling gas from both sides.

The clip and hose had worked loose, probably a good application for safety wire.

Trail side repair.

(Looks like I’m due another haircut)


I wanted to get to Succor Creek camp ground so I could wash off my boot and sock in the creek. It was about 10-15 miles away.

Along the way there was only mucky looking ditch water and after about 10 minutes my left foot started “burning” ( no it wasn’t on fire).

At the campground I took my boot off and soaked my foot, sock and boot in the creek. The creek still had some flow and was clean.

After I washed my foot I could see the skin was blistering and I lost a spot of skin about the size of a half dollar.

Byron had a 1st aid kit (made in China ) with some gauze and ointment.

We spent a few minutes letting my sock and foot air out

And talking to a another rider, Mike, who was at the camp ground, the stinging sub sided . I swapped socks ( right & left) and the 3 of us headed to Homedale.

Besides extra underwear, I need to start packing extra socks and first aide kit.


Byron & I missed “got lost” and missed our turn in Homedale and ended up on the out skirts of Parma before we caught Hwy26 to I84.

Who owns that big ranch / horse farm between Homedale & Parma ????

I84 on Bubba was chore, he can do 65-75 mph but doesn’t have any oomph left for high-speed passing like Major Kong does.

Bubba might need to go a tooth bigger on the counter sprocket. I could keep up with Byron. At the Meridian exit my fuel light came on so I pulled off.

I wonder how much fuel I dumped.

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