Tuesday, September 4, 2007

SawMill Canyon 9/1 -9/3 2007

Well Scott hit puberty and acted goofy for ~ 36 hours so we didn’t get out of
Boise until late Saturday morning. After ~ 265 miles we finally got into SawMill
around 3pm.

Being late I wasn’t too picky about camp spots, but ended up with a site to
ourselves along Bull Creek. After we got set up I found that another 200 yards
there was a more scenic spot with one other camp but didn’t think it was worth
moving for just two nights.


The Forest Service employee dropped by and introduced his self. Hank was from
Collage Station Texas, retired from prison system. Told him I was from Dallas,
graduated from UT and I thought A&M always looked like a penal institution.
He went back to his truck to get his ticket book !

Didn’t get much riding in other than some old roads & scouting more camp spots.


Most people were camping on the upper end of the canyon from Quigley Creek to
Timber Creek.
I think I would pick a spot along Iron Creek Road, not crowded and pretty clean.



On top of Bear Basin Road I met a hunter in a Polaris ranger that had a small camp
set up. I forget his name (CRS), but he worked at Gowen Field in the Guard for 20
years. He was original from Mississippi and had been scouting the hill side for elk
the last 3 days.

Still worked out to be a nice trip, a good shake down with the camper and no
problems with the truck. Plus my luck may be changing, when I was backing the
trailer into its spot at the house I heard the left tire hissing when went to unhook
from the truck. Usually this happens on I-84 at 75 mph in the dark !

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