Monday, June 1, 2009

Traveling Teutonic Brotherhood ( and Obama Fan Club)



Byron Defenbach ,” Trail Czar”- KTM 950

Kurt Bossart -KTM 950

John Aiton - KTM 950

Thad Brunelli - BMW 1200 GS

Byron lead us on an adventure ride to Halfway Or the weekend of 5/30-5/31., a good mix of pavement,

D&G roads and short stretched of 4X4 two tracks. Total loop was ~ 450 miles.

Saturday we headed north thru Ola then west to Weiser.

We had lunch at the Homestead Café, I highly recommend it.

From Weiser we followed 201 to Huntington, the Snake River road to Morgan Creek and up Lookout Mt.


Cattle drive on the Morgan Creek Road. They moved them off for us on the flat spot on top.

Lookout Mt Road


The road up to the Lookout Mt “lookout” was gated and locked. We then headed down Daley Creek road into Richland and Halfway.

View from Daley Creek above Richland



Halfway Oregon – small quite and a along way from a motorcycle shop.

Al, one of Byron’s riding buddies, lives in Halfway says every winter there is a women’s snow machine rally. They light up the place and it’s best to stay out of town.


Sunday we made our way thru the mountains west of Halfway on FSR77 & 67 to Baker City.


View from Carson Ridge above Halfway. Kurt.


Stop along Eagle Creek.


Medicine Springs on the way into Baker


We had lunch in Baker then went over Dooley Summit and followed the Burnt River.

Bridgeport intersection.

A rancher pulled up and gave us some pointers on the different roads.


Glengarry Gulch



Rye Valley from Durban Creek Road.

We tried following Durban Creek Road to I84. The fork we probably should have taken was locked.



This rough two track took us across the basin  to another locked gate and the gps indicated a dead end just beyond the gate at a small reservoir anyway.

So we back tracked and rode Rye Valley to I84 => Huntington.

From Huntington we “freight trained” from Huntington=> Payette => Emmett.

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