Sunday, May 15, 2011



The weather didn't cooperate.



After watching radar & highway cams I decided to head out. As I left the house back toward Ontario looked dark, but east looked OK.

DSCF2800 Stitch

As I got down Mayfield to the Danskin Road it was more obvious there was a pretty good rain on Old Emigrant Road so I back tracked to Simco toward Grandview . Owyhee's looked clear now.

Plan B was to loop thur Grand View and ride Missile Base / Oreana. However the winds must have been 40+ mph, as I got to Highway 67 I decided I didn't want to buck the winds on Highway 78.

Plan C quickly developed. I took the power line road back to Swan Falls, with the head wind it sucked. Thought I might get a break from the wind down by the dam, but it was a wind tunnel in the canyon.

Followed the power line between Swan Falls Road and Pleasant Valley, best part of the ride.

150 unremarkable miles.

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