Saturday, July 13, 2013



Loop ~ 300 miles – 8 hrs
              ~ 38,000 ft in elevation changes

Had 3 objectives –Scout out Cory Creek Trailhead
                                  Take the back route between Fairfield and Hailey
                                   Ride the Wells Summit Road


Stopped and checked out the rodeo in Fairfield .
After I gassed up in Fairfield I followed the farm roads along the foothills to Camp Creek.

cory creek
                      Camp Creek / Cory Creek is a great alternative route  for riding between Fairfield and  Hailey.




The area looks to have lots of old mine roads that would be fun to explore.


I got reacquainted with my street helmet, nice when you have lots of fast roads .  Downside is you really have to watch your speed on pavement. 95 MPH feels just right.

Wanted to check out Cory Creek Trailhead .  Jimmy Lewis is going to have a dirt bike class here August 10th, last weekend of SpodeFest.
I just about have myself talked into another class. Nothing says I can’t camp there and there are spots down the road if it turns out to be an issue.


I took a couple of hot laps on the beginners loop. It looks like you can make your way over to Deer Creek on the ridges.
So any of my friends have my permission to buy a place on Cory Creek.

Had lunch at The Snow Bunny then decided to ride Warm Springs and Wells Summit back to Fairfield.

Besides the Snow Bunny, Hailey has  three gas stations with REAL GAS !



Rook Creek trail head.
It’s right off Warm Springs. I thought it was ways up a road, but the road has been allowed to grow in.




Rode a mile up Barr Gulch to a non motorized trail head.


View of Warm Springs drainage from Dollar Hide Summit.

The ride over Wells Summit was nice. Might be a better route to haul campers into Little Smokey. 
I did miss my turn and ended up in Ditto Flats. Had to back track a couple of miles.

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