Saturday, May 10, 2014


The impending Climate Calamity -

Fat kids will go hungry , hungry kids will get fat
Polar Bears will date Black Bears
Dead fall on trails



Loop – 56 miles
Riders – Spode Daddy , Idaspode

The first climate clue was when we pulled into the corrals a snow squall blew in.  I had 3G service and could connect to a radar map. Sure enough there was a single cell right over us.

We waited in truck around 20 minutes for it to blow over. There was a small caking of snow on the bikes when we started unloading. I could of worn another under layer but I fooled myself that I wouldn’t need full winter gear in May.
It was in the mid 30’s when we left the truck

We took the road over to Sheep Drive.
The Lime Creek trails always feel technical on the first ride of the mountain season but by the fall they seem super easy.

Bit of technical climb spots of loose rocks .


Almost on top , a quick shot to the first plateau


There was a dead fall across the trail at the top. The detour to the left was muddy slick with some small trees to cross off camber then a root. David made it over the tree then bobbled at the root. I came up behind and high sided when I stopped. I landed against a tree and under my bike. We had to double team the bikes to get them a 100 ft to where we could ride them out.

DSCF4348 Stitch

David catching his wind.

DSCF4351 Stitch

We got around one snow drift and made it to the ATV trails on top of the ridge. Another mile or so we hit more snow in the trees. That was it ,we turned around because we knew we hadn’t hit the deep stuff yet.

DSCF4353 Stitch

Sheep Drive warmed us up. I considered taking off a jersey and venting my jacket.
Glad I didn’t because the road ride over to Hunter Creek chilled me down again.
At the South Fork neither of us wanted to fill our boots up with water. The creek was running higher and faster than two weeks ago.

We rode Hole in the Wall , crossed the South Fork a few yards upstream from the normal crossing.
I was hoping we would be able to make it up to the Coyote connector and back down Coyote.
About half way  there was a pretty good size dead fall on an up hill section that stopped us.

We rode back to the truck and got pelted by pea size hail for 3-4 miles.
Fun day. Snow should disappear in ~ 3 weeks and we will need to start packing the chainsaw.

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