Monday, October 27, 2014

Stupidity Awareness - Smokey Dome Loop 10/24/2014

Stupidity continues to flourish and there is no known cure .

This the time of year when we learn the collective wisdom of the misinformed and irrational .





Loop – 62 miles 
Kelly Creek > Bremner > Smoky Dome > Miller Creek > SF Boise road > Conant> Skeleton > SF Boise road.

Riders -  David , John

David and Karen were spending a long weekend at Baumgartner.

I drove up Friday morning to join David on a ride. David said he hadn’t been on his bike in 6-7 weeks.

I got to Baumgartner ~ 10AM.  David said there was light rain all night.

David wanted to ride the Smoky Dome loop. It’s an easy ride with some distance and we could see what the new ATV trail did to the loop.

Much of the east face of the loop is old logging roads and two tracks with some sections of single tracks in between. The ATV trail took out some single track , but mostly
ran along the old two track. Still looked like the Blacks Creek trail system.



DSCF4601 Stitch


Smoky Dome summit. We decided to ride down to the bottom for lunch.


DSCF4603 Stitch

View from Miller Creek descent .




Conant Creek

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