Friday, March 27, 2015

Big Love–Prairie 3/27/2015




Did a quick afternoon loop ( ~142 miles)  through Prairie with a stop at Long Tom Reservoir along the way.
First time into Long Tom, hoping to see some elk herds but nobody was home.



Long Tom

Cow Creek Road with the Trinities in the background .


South Fork of Boise River form Smith Prairie

Prairie Bar & Restaurant

Crew just came in from planting 56,000 trees Idaho State Land burned by the 2013 fires.

Most from somewhere south of border . Beer ,Pool, and
I  asked one of them if the guys in van lost a bet ? He said no something is wrong with them, they don’t like beer and TV !
The café owner said they come in every afternoon and stay until 10 PM.

In 2013 the state harvested the burned area on state land. This year they are replanting , hoping ~ 30of the samplings take hold.
The Feds haven’t done Jack Shit on Forrest Service or BLM land .



South Fork on the way to Neal's Bridge








I explored a short way up a two track in a side canyon.  I think with a saw and dirt bike you could make a trail all the way up to Long Gulch.

I stopped at this thicket before I got to a spot too narrow to turn a 500 lb bike around.

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