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Slipp’n Out | Breaking Protocol –Trail Cutting 6/6/2015



Trail Boss – Sean , OffRoad Rider
Riders – Brian , Chris , John
Saws- OffRoad , Brian, Sean

Loop ~ 61 miles , 11 hrs on the trail
Speed – 55 max / 15 mph avg
Hit reserve right when I got to the truck.

Offroad organized trail cutting for Saturday . The last few weeks he has been spending 2-3 days a week cutting trail !

FS road > Fool Hen > Sixteen to One > Cup Corral Cutoff> Yellow Jacket >Tyndall> FSR 409

18-20 saw tanks of gas



DSCF4910 Stitch
Top of Fool Hen

DSCF4912 Stitch

16:1 above creek.

Off Road’s video of 16:1

DSCF4915 Stitch


Chris taking a breather.
He has been riding a XR250 for a couple of years. He’s young , strong and athletic.
Chris started out strong but as we got into more technical trail he was muscling the bike
through and over the  rocks. He quickly wore himself out.

The High Side


DSCF4917 Stitch

Chris working his way over some small step ups.
He stalled , bobbled and fell over. I thought the bike was going to land on him but it some how flipped over him and cartwheeled a couple of times
almost all the way to the creek. 



  • High Side

    Chris accessing his bike in the bottom right of photo.
    I rode out to get help, told Chris he needed to go down and turn off the gas.  
    Brian was waiting for us a few hundred yards down the trail. I explained we would need Dave & Sean, didn’t think I could do much with a weak hamstring.


    Chris keeping the bike company  after he turned off the gas.

    DSCF4923 Stitch

    It was scenic location. I sat in the shade , ate a sandwich as I waited  for help.
    After bit Chris came back up and joined me in the shade.

    Sean & Dave were another mile down the trail in the middle of cutting 40+ inch log.
    They finished the cut and arrived in about 45-60 minutes.


    Dave , Sean , Brian & Chris were able to push the bike back up to the trail.
    The brake lever was bent but still functional.

    DSCF4928 Stitch

Dead fall on 16:1


DSCF4931 Stitch

Lunch break at Monarch Trail Head

Shortly into Cup Corral there is loose steep climb.
I took 3 tries to get up. The last try I went back far enough for a bit of a run and built up some MO .


DSCF4933 Stitch
Cup Corral Cutoff .

Chris called it a day at the bottom of Cup Corral and rode FSR 409 back to the trucks.

DSCF4936 Stitch

Stolle side of Yellow Jacket


DSCF4939 Stitch

The real cutting started on the last quarter of Yellow Jacket. Typically only could move the bikes a few 100 ft at a time.
I even had to pitch in  , chucking limbs and logs as the saws moved ahead of me. It was 7PM when we got to the bottom.

The bottom of Tyndall was almost in the same shape in burn through the meadow.
About half way up the draw you could actually ride. After Tyndall we had a long road ride back to the trucks and arrived ~ 9PM.

Clear Creek Lodge and the cafes in Horseshoe Bend were all closed. Finally got something to eat at Carl’s in Boise right before they were about to close. 

I need to start packing more food , water filter & maybe Gold Bond + Diaper Ointment ( I had a slight case of monkey butt ).

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