Monday, January 18, 2016

Couldn’t Stand The Weather | Grand View 1/17/2016




Riders – David, JimBob, Tim, John

Loop ~ 60 miles

photos – John, Jim Bob , David
video – David

The weather forecast for Sunday looked like a warm , dry lull between storms.
We set up a rendezvous at the Dead Cow wash at 10 am.

Sunday morning the day looked promising  but as we drove to Grand View we could see that the
Snake River was fogged in.  It was thick along HWY78 , I could barely make out the landmarks
and sign posts.  At the wash , ~ a couple of miles off the highway the fog was much lighter but it
was still cold, ~27F.

Jim Bob and David pulled in right behind me said the fog had iced HWY78 past Sinker Creek.


JimBob and Dave’s trek down HWY78.


We took off up McKeeth Wash then hooped over to Vinson Wash.
Vinson had been washed this winter , hardly any tracks and no whoops !
At the top of Vinson we were out of the inversion and had patches of blue skies .

DSCF5237 Stitch 



Side Canyon off of Poison Creek.


Dave talked us into riding up Doyle Mountain.
The trail is rutted with a couple of cobble step ups , then on top the ruts are filled with snow. 


DSCF5242 Stitch

At the saddle intersection on Doyle.



DSCF5244 Stitch

The decedent down was slick in spots .

DSCF5249 Stitch


Birch Creek wash at the bottom of Doyle .

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