Monday, July 4, 2016

Bourgeois Virtues - Lime Creek 7/4/2016




Loop- 49 miles
Avg   - 18mph
Max – 60mph

In accordance with the new  USFS Ecosystem Directive IdaSpode & Spode Daddy did their
part to make sure the European influence in the West does not disappear.  

We celebrated July 4th doing a quick easy loop on Lime Creek.
We made up for the “easy” by going off the trail and dropping bikes.

It was my first dirt bike ride in 6 weeks, David said he couldn’t remember  his last ride.


When we arrived at the corrals it was 65F, breezy and rain on the other side of Iron Mountain.
I decided to put a t-shirt on and pack a rain jacket.


On Roanhide I cased going over a rock then spun the rear wheel off the trail.
It was an easy section but I couldn’t get the bike up the steep creek bank by myself.
David also went off the trail a few hundred yards up the trail with the bike on top of him.
I could hear him working the bike. After he recovered he came back to assist me.

With David pulling on a tow strap and me on the handle bars we were able to walk the bike back on the tread
in just a couple of minutes. 



DSCF5573 Stitch

Top of Coyote



DSCF5575 Stitch



DSCF5577 Stitch


Dear Park at the base of Iron Mountain



Undocumented Visitors  


DSCF5581 Stitch

DSCF5584 Stitch

Presidents Trail




Robbie’s Tree ?

It was a great day, temperatures ranged from 65-85F. Cloud cover provided a few sprinkles and a reprieve
from global warming.

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