Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Yellow Pine 8/20/2016




Loop – 45 miles ( 12-15 miles of trail )

Trail Boss – Off Road Rider & Jerry

Riders – The Crew

I was able to join Dave and Jerry to finish some trail projects between
Landmark and Yellow Pine.

I got up at 4:30 AM and made it back home after midnight .

Jerry is an animal, he rode without gloves most the day.
The only times I saw him stop moving was when he had to sharpen his saw !

Video – Dave
Photos- Dave , John



We met at Highway 55 Cafe in Cascade for breakfast and got on
the bikes just north of Landmark ~ 10:15AM.


Dave’s highlights of the ride.


Just a couple of filters on the trail .


Lost the trail going through a meadow, eventually found the blaze.



I picked the wrong line and was trying to thread between a rut and tree.


DSCF5607 Stitch

Small creek crossing


Top of the sidehill


DSCF5611 Stitch

It was steep , loose and off camber .





3 out of the 6 bikes slid off , including myself. My rear wheel went off
but I was able to walk the bike back on the trail.








Dropping down into the bottom thicket.
I don’t think it had been cut since the fire back in ~ 2008.

I was tasked with walking the ”trail” and marking the old cuts with ribbon.

It took hours of cutting with two saws to go a couple of miles .


Jerry never stops !






It took some exploring to find the creek crossing.



14054421_1753867708234519_1695348849645546395_o (1)

Dropping into the creek was easy but a technical , slick climb out.


We hit the jackpot .
The Riodan Lake Trail had been cut by the trail rangers.

It was a “Gentleman’s Trail” all the way out !
Then we probably had 25 miles of road back chasing daylight the whole way.

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