Tuesday, November 29, 2016



The BLM has “opened” comments for the Owyhee County TMP.

Similar to last year it’s during a inconvenient time to make comments and there was no public
notice of the plan.

The Owyhee Avalanche is the only pubilc notification that I’m aware and it was published 8 days
after the comment period opened .  

I emailed comments in January 2016 and did not receive notification of the new plans 

I have included the Jacks Creek area .

There are no washes or connecting single track  were inventoried .
Below is the south my past routes .

Below is one of my rides.


Plan A – no changes


All the Maps can be found here .


David Wood has also noticed that many of the roads that run to overlooks and trail heads
mandated in the  Owyhee Wilderness bill have been closed.

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