Saturday, April 15, 2017

Clarence’s Big Boy Birthday Ride–Grand View 4/15/2017




Trail Boss – Spode Daddy
Riders       - Paul, Clarence , Eric

Loop – 60 miles , I clocked a 20 mph avg which isn’t bad for an old fat guy.

We met at the Albertson parking lot to load up. Paul bought a sandwich at
Subway to pack for lunch and scored a~ 2lb bag of cookies ! 


We had breakfast at the Y-Bar, good food and sassy a cook.




I blew a turn riding across the flats , missed the big hill climb and crossed
The Oreana Cutoff  father south than I expected.
However , the guy’s got to see the Dr Seuss cliffs off Birch Creek.


DSCF5914 Stitch


DSCF5916 Stitch



It’s been a while since I approached the Waterfall cliffs from the South.
Didn’t recognize the trails or features but I found it !.

DSCF5918 Stitch

Clarence on a nice piece of single track.

HogPen has been washed since February.
The bottom near ranch had all the tracks erased . There were a couple
of new slides and the big one is easier to cross now. The sand is just as deep.




DSCF5921 Stitch


Lunch break after last set of ledges in Hogpen .

Descending down Doyle Mountain

The Doyle Cabin Trail


Eric and I in Vinson Wash

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