Sunday, April 5, 2009




Byron & I took advantage of the warm weather with our 950’s. Made a quick 200 mile loop south just past Bruneau.

Totally uneventful – no flats, no mechanical breakdowns, no speeding J , no get offs , hospital visits , pain meds , all the cops waved at us , didn’t see any of Bryon’s girl friends and we got back on time.

I’ll probably be going back to ride more of the ranch roads between Hwy 51 & Bruneau Canyon.



In Bruneau we had lunch at the “1 Stop”.

While we were there a fellow told about the ride below. One of his buddies is signed up.

Grady this is the real Iron Butt, I’ll have to sign up next year.

He also told about a dirt bike loop the follows the north side of the Snake from Hammond to the crossing at Hwy51 the heads south around the Bruneau Sand Dune .He also said there is cross county ride every year in Sailor Creek area.


On the way back I took Byron to the Crater Rings. I finally found something Byron didn’t know about the Boise area.


I had fun on the 950 although it took a bit of concentration to not ride it like two-stroke in the dirt.

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