Wednesday, April 8, 2009



I originally wanted to ride from Birch Creek to Poison Creek and loop into the hills back thru Doyle Place, but because of the storms we decided it would be better to get rained out closer to home.

We stopped at Fossil Creek trail head.

1) I discovered I had left my gloves in the garage & only had 2 right handed gloves in my gear bag. Dave loaned me a pair.

2) After pounding thru the whoops, we stopped in sand wash to take some layers off. I took off not checking on Dave, but he found me after climbing a ridge and scouting around.

3) Dave took the lead. He rounded the point right before a creek crossing and I lost him. I crossed the creek but he wasn’t there. I waited then doubled back and couldn’t pick up his trail.

After 30 minutes of waiting, scouting & listening I headed back to the truck. Dave showed up at the truck about 5 minutes after I did.

4) We traded stories and decided to head back toward Sinker Creek to salvage the ride. When we took off from there I forgot to turn my gas on and almost lost Dave again but he had to stop and open a


We did clock about 45 miles and only got few sprinkles so the day was salvaged.

Obama didn’t help that much, but he did make feel bad about being born in America and having enough money to go dirt biking.

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