Sunday, March 3, 2013

Dirt Bender - Murphy 3/2/2013



Did our quick 40 mile loop.
Riders – David ,Brian, Tim ,John , Eric, Ryan

First ride with Eric and Tim in a few years. Rode out of the Murphy wash.
Tim called on the way out and said he was running late. While warming up and fiddling with the bikes Eric noticed his carb leaking at the bowl joint. He took the carb apart and inspected the gasket. It was flat and rock hard, so decided not to remove it. He put it back together and hoped for the best. ~10 miles into the ride Eric turned back to wait at the truck.

DSCF3892 Stitch
Sinker Creek


DSCF3895 Stitch


DSCF3899 Stitch Sinker Canyon

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