Friday, April 12, 2013



The Danskins opened Thursday, 4/11.
David called and wanted to ride Friday. I told him I had to run an errand but could leave ~ 10:30.

Friday morning I went to the Post Office and mailed my taxes, certified & registered, in my dirt bike outfit.
I felt like my favorite superhero.  

I got back home , hooked up the trailer, loaded my  gear and got to David’s by 10:30





Loop ~ 40 miles
Riders – Idaspode , Spode Daddy

We parked at Willow Creek Trail Head checked out the creek then rode #410 up the cliff.

DSCF3911 Stitch

Top of Beaver Creek.
The rock face down the trail is more chewed up and loose. Use to be easy to ride up.

Ride down the canyon into Devils Hole.
Trail had a couple of down trees. The first one was easy to get around.
The 2nd one was more awkward, but our timing was impeccable, we met a couple of riders going up the trail.
They had  built a ramp on the down hill side and helped both of us with our bikes.  






They both seemed to make it up easier than we did going down.

Ride to the point for lunch.


We had lunch on the point between Fiddler Flat and Devils Hole.

DSCF3919 Stitch

Barry says after  lengthy and thorough surveillance of emails and bank accounts ,IdaSpode and Spode Daddy are now qualified to work as ObamaCare Navigators



DSCF3922 Stitch


DSCF3925 Stitch

Great place to have a sandwich and a beer. South Fork of Boise River below us.

DSCF3928 Stitch

Trail #410 going back to the trail head.  Decided not to ride Willow Creek back out being worried about down trees in the narrow canyon.

 trail head

Trail head after the ride. The guys we met on Devils Hole were parked in the GMC.

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