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Why does the 1% have 99% of the Single Tracks ? Silver Creek 7/12/2014


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Trail Boss – Brian
Riders        - John

Loop 35 miles , felt like 60 in the heat. It was 80 in the shade on the ridges and 95 in the valleys .

Long Fork of Silver Creek , Bitter Creek , Deadwood Road , Habit Creek , Peace Creek
1st time I rode this loop.


DSCF4419DSCF4420DSCF4421 Stitch


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Long Fork Silver Creek is lush and green. It felt like a more technical single track I’ve ridden so far this year, but it really is about like the NF of Lime Creek . I was in 1st and 2nd gear the whole 15 miles.


After a tight technical section I was rolling through a hair pin turn that had a mud hole with a few roots right after it.
Don’t know what happened but I bonked on the roots , rolled backwards and high sided . I slid down hill almost to the creek but the bike stayed on the trail , upside down but on the trail. I tied the foot peg off to a root and tried to press the bike up on the trail. I couldn’t get a good foothold on the side hill. So I decided to wait for Brain to help me.
After about 30 minutes no Brian,  there must have been a fast section ahead & he was a ways down the trail or maybe he was in trouble his self.
I tied the strap to the rear wheel then dragged the handle bars up hill to where I could get better leverage to lift the bike upright. Just after I got the bike back and was getting all my gear back on Brian rolls up. Turns out he was just about a half mile down the trail.

The next ride I’ll take some better help !

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photo 4
I also managed to get stuck on the last bit of snow on the trail , that I could of ridden around.

DSCF4425 Stitch

DSCF4424 Stitch

Top of Bitter Creek descent to the Deadwood river.

Bitter Creek was a gnarly descent, much of it I coasted and paddle through, I wouldn’t want to climb it.


Brian crossing the Deadwood, it was a little deeper than it looked with slick moss covered rocks.
We caught up to three other riders who just crossed. I’ve seen a couple of them on the trails the last couple of years. One of them lives in Cascade riding a Honda 230 with a big ass saw on the back. He said they started a Round Valley taking Web Foot over East Mountain.

DSCF4432 Stitch

Tranquil Basin from Habit Creek

DSCF4436 Stitch

                                                                                           Top of Peace Creek

DSCF4438 StitchDSCF4440


Peace Creek where the water fall washed out the trail.

The trail crews did a good job repairing.












DSCF4441 Stitch

Peace Creek Trail Head , if I was thinking I would of soaked in Silver Creek before I got in my street clothes.

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