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Idaho Quickie–Central Idaho Tour 6/27 & 6/28 2014




Loop ~ 520 miles

Riders : John – KTM 950
               Byron – BMW 1200 GS

Byron and  I took a quick tour through Central Idaho , riding through Stanley, Custer , Challis ,
Pahsimeroi Valley, Mackay , Sun Valley , Featherville , Prairie . It was still too early to hit the look outs , Pinyon  & Twin Peaks …..


Friday June 27th – Boise to Mackay ~ 300 miles





We rendezvoused at Gran-Del . I was late by ~20-30 minutes.
At the last minute I decided  to use my tank bag to carry a pump , 18”&21” tubes, tire irons.


Our route would take us on HWY21 through Idaho City , Lowman and Stanley then HWY75 to Sunbeam.


We had breakfast at Trudy’s.
After breakfast I had to change into warmer clothes – Gortex pants , another jersey , wind liner in helmet.


It started raining on us right after Moore's Creek Summit. I wished I had my street helmet and winter gear for this summer ride. We rode through a real rain storm from Banner Summit into Stanley.


As we rode into the Yankee Fork a light rain started again but it was a back side of a storm. The guides at the dredge told us a gully washer had just passed through.  I guess it was fortunate I had set our schedule back 30 minutes.




We took the $5 tour Dredge Tour. A couple of the guides had parents that worked the dredge and they lived at the mining camp as kids. During the tour I kept my eye out for a thermos or pot of coffee – no luck.



A mile down the road we stopped at Custer. Still wet and cold we kept our gear on.



IMG_20140627_133552058 (1)


As we rode the Custer Motorway the weather started to clear.  The motorway is a beautiful drive , wet and lush. 
The road was built in the 1800’s ( by private interests) to service the mines in Custer.








Toll Station on motorway.   On Mill Creek summit the temperature was close to 40’F.

The east side of the summit was dry.







Nice ranches just outside Challis.







We finally got our cup of coffee at the Tea Cup Café. Stood outside and stretched a bit.



After coffee we gassed up and went to find Leaton Gulch to take us over the mountain into the Pahsimeroi Valley.

The map showed it off of Hot Springs road and I thought we be able to spot the road cut on the side of the hill but it wasn’t  that obvious . It turned out it was and unmarked smaller road that followed a power line. It was “improved” in spots and turned out to be a a service road for a communication tower on the ridge.




View back into Challis.




The route from the towers into the Pahsimeroi was a set of unimproved but marked two tracks.


The storms had missed these hills otherwise it would have been slimly.


Had to stop and peel off some layers since it was now close to 80’F.



The Pahsimeroi Valley



Drove south to Double Spring Road.



Double Spring Pass is a high glacier carved valley .



With the weather and terrain kept expecting to see a heard of mammoths .


Took a short side trip to HorseHeaven Pass














West side of Double Spring Pass.





We rolled into the Wagon Wheel Motel at 8PM (photos eat up a lot of time ) with 300 miles on the day.



Had a steak dinner at Ken's Club . Meet a couple of fellows at the next table. One was a ranger at Harriman State Park
and the other was an old geezer with all sorts of racing stories. Said Evel Knievel was an ass hole that still owes him a couple of BSA  carbs.

After dinner I showered and got in bed around 10:30.  Byron stayed up and partied with the wedding guests who were staying at the Wagon Wheel.


Saturday June 28th , Mackay – Boise




This leg was about 220 miles, taking Trail Creek into Sun Valley then Warm Springs into Little Smoky .
Nice ride but since it wasn’t a first didn’t have the excitement as Friday’s ride and there was a lot more traffic.

I slept till 8AM !
Had breakfast at Amy Lou's . The waitress wasn’t in yet so Amy Lou had to take our order , she was bitchy but the food was good.


Gassed up at the Chevron. All sorts of side x sides and ATV’s were pulling in to fill up.
They we’re driving on the HWY93 and public streets in town.
I bet Mackay can’t wait for that NONMOTORIZED national  monument !


Wedding directions at the Trail Creek intersection on HWY93.



I had to stop a put another jersey on.



Byron waiting for me at the Wildhorse intersection. More wedding signs , looks like the weeding was in Copper Basin.



West side of Trail Creek Pass dropping into Sun Valley.


Dollarhide Summit. 


Carrietown , old mining site .

Took a break in Featherville, had berry cobble a la mode with a cup of coffee .


Smith’s Prairie from Meadow Creek Road.  The state and private land has had the timber salvaged from last year’s fire and already looked in good shape. The federal lan still looked trashed. 

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