Thursday, September 11, 2014

Lava Mountain Dual Sport - 9/11/2014



Riders – Gary , John

Loop – 47 miles ( looks like the GPS turned off at Smith Lake)
              Long Gulch Road > Lava Mnt Trail >Trinity Mnt Road > Bear Hole > Cross Cut >Trinty Mnt Road> 
              Burnt Creek Road > Prairie

Gary answered my call for someone to take me on Lava Mountain.
Parked at the Y Stop .We did the easy loop probably 25 miles of single track. Gary wanted to scout how a camping spot on Burnt Creek survived last year’s fire.

DSCF4491 Stitch

My first ride on Lava Mountain, sweet trail. The spur we took up doesn’t see much traffic, no whoops or ruts.

DSCF4494 Stitch

Looking back down on Prairie.

DSCF4497 Stitch DSCF4499 Stitch

Admiring the Smith Creek drainage .

DSCF4502 Stitch

First piece of technical trail.

DSCF4504 StitchDSCF4507 Stitch



Star Lake

A bit of pit racing – aches , pains , eye sight , etc ……


DSCF4510 Stitch











DSCF4512 Stitch

Smith Lake



DSCF4515 Stitch

We only had a 2-3 miles of Lava Mountain left.

We had about a mile of road to connect to Bear Hole. It was almost all dirt , fast and fun.

The first section of of Cross Cut had some recent rain ruts  that  kept grabbing the tires.


The Chute on Cross Cut .  The trial ended a mile or so from here.

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