Monday, September 15, 2014

Scott does Deadwood - 9/14/2014



Riders – John , Scott

Loop – 57 miles

Original plan David was going to drive , but his bad back took him out.
I picked Scott up ~ 8:30AM, his bike was out front when I pulled up ! He said we need to stop for gas in Horseshoe Bend so he could top off his tank.  Scott was using this as a shake down ride for the Lazy Butt, he said he only had dirtbiked 3 times this summer.

Scott said he hadn’t been on Deadwood in 15-20 years. I was sure I had ridden it him , but he was right.
This was my second ride on Deadwood this season.

When we opened the trailer there there was gas on floor. I accused Scott of spilling gas when he topped off the tank.
He said no way.


After we unloaded the bikes ,  he saw gas was leaking on top of his engine.  He removed the tank and found a fatigue crack near the top.  Tried working some JB putty into the crack but it didn’t stick to the plastic . So we drained the gas level below the crack.   Scott packed the gas in water bottle.

I forgot my “toy box” –GPS , Camera , GoPro – with the change of plans Sunday morning. I found a plastic bag for my phone and used a pervious GPS track for the ride report,


We finally got the trail close to noon.




Views along Deadwood Ridge Trail. There was a bit of haze from the Oregon fires.




Depending where you are on the trail , the elevation is 1500-1800 feet above the Deadwood River.


Scott above the rock face switchback on the The Ridge trail. He might be a trials tire convert after he saw me motor up. He took two tries , having to rocket up and go high off the trail.


Near the trail head below the dam we passed to groups of hikers and on the way back there were two backpackers
hiking out.




There was more water in Deadwood than we expected.  Temperatures were much warmer than Thursday when I had to ride in a jacket. On the way back to the truck it must have been 80F, I should of shed my undershirt but never did .

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