Saturday, January 10, 2015

In Search of Climate Disruption , Jacks Creek - 1/10/2015



Loop ~ 42 miles
Trail Boss – Butch
Riders – Dave , Don , Scott , Vince , John

Photos – Dave , Butch , John

Dave set up a Saturday ride for Jack’s Creek. We met for breakfast at the Y-BAR in Grand View.
We got to Jack’s Creek around 11AM and on the bikes around 11:30.

The temperature was 30F and there was a wet fog, no snow and the dirt was great.
I’m starting to ride OK  in the sand washes , but the wet goggles hosed me. 
I couldn’t  see the details of the terrain , so no anticipation of woops, g-outs, rocks , etc.  Started backing off
the speed. A couple of climbs I had to retreat & clean or take off my goggles.
Even pulled the liner out of my  helmet to get more air flow to keep the goggles clear. Made for chilly ride but seemed to help.




Scott and Don

10897790_10205975668730144_9030038924280543075_n (1) 


Vince , Don


Vince and I on a shelf half way up the Chalk Hill watching the big boys.



Chalk Hill Climb


Ridge on top of Chalk Hill.
On the east side of the Chalk Hills we discovered an established trail we had never ridden before.
The trail carried us over to Shoo Fly then followed a fence line toward Mud Flat.

DSCF4658 Stitch

Found some old trails that took us back to Jacks Creek.

We stopped for lunch upstream from the old ranch house.  I was getting chilled riding at the higher elevation
and had to put the liner back in my helmet.

Most of the morning I felt like I needed to stop for a bio-break ,but at lunch I discovered it was just gas . Smile

Dave, Butch  and Don shared stories about search and recuse , rescue beacons, etc ……… 

After lunch we took the side hill trail over the ridge.

Near the top , Don missed a shift, hit neutral and started to roll backwards. He dabbed his down hill foot down,
high sided , stepped off the bike and did a couple of full somersaults down the hill.

Butch was behind him and caught the getoff on his goggle cam. 




Don was banged up , but no twisted / bust limbs and did not ring his bell.
Dave thought he looked more flexible than you would expect.

DSCF4661 Stitch

Jacks Creek exit out of the cliffs




ASH DEPOSIT  - evidence of previous climate disruption in the Idaho desert.

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  1. I am always eager to look at each of these you post. You guys are hardy! Love the falling-down-the-hill shots.


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