Monday, January 19, 2015

MLK Diversity Day–Murphy 1 /19/2015



Loop ~ 32 miles

Trail Boss – Jim Bob

Riders – John

Between rain and conflicts I couldn't ride Saturday or Sunday.  Jim Bob said he had Monday off and
suggested Murphy. The forecast was sunshine and a high close to 40F Smile

Monday morning if was ~35F at the house and a light fog. During the drive to Murphy the temperature
dropped to 30F as I drove through Kuna.  As I approached HWY45 a went to slow down I found some
black ice ( making Sharpton happy ). I quickly accessed I didn’t want to cross HWY45, even if I didn’t
have any cross traffic I would do a Dukes of Hazard off the other side and sink in the mud to the floor boards .
If I continued to skid I would have to go into the ditch on side of the road to slow down but the  ABS did their
job and I stopped with no problem .

As I approached Murphy the temperature continued to drop and was 26F when I pulled into the trail head,
but the fog was starting to burn off.


Jim Bob’s bike had a thick layer of frozen fog when he unloaded it.



After we dressed we took off toward Skate Board on a loop that Jim Bob likes to ride.
Different draws still a fog and pockets of cold air settled in the bottom.




The Zig Zag had pools of ice. I spun out when I tried to hop out over some rocks.


Top of Skate Board . Skate board was a mix of frozen clay, mud and sand .


DSCF4664 Stitch



DSCF4666 Stitch

This wash ended in a small box canyon. Jim Bob scouted a possible path over the top.



Tuesday clean up. I must have had 20lbs of mud on the bike.

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