Sunday, July 5, 2015

Big Ol Dusty Dusty , South Fork Adventure Ride 7/5/2015



Loop ~ 255 miles

Did a adv ride with Loyal. I waffled because I thought it would be hot, but it turned out to be a wonderful
day. In the 70’s most of the ride. I wish I had gone dirt biking !


I was expecting lots of crowds,  a demolition derby with Razors  but most the roads were reasonably
empty. The serious dust eating was coming down Crouch summit – Post 4th of July Parade.

One of the entrants was driving a Electric M&M 40 ft Motorhome Bus. Must have been Ken Kesey 
reincarnate on his way to Grateful Dead Show. He was driving 45mph over the pass !

The other dust was on the South Fork behind some fishermen. They never look in their mirrors !



We got you covered ……. Street Helmet for your dirt bike.  Dirt Helmet for your street bike


Fuel stop in Pine


Deadwood Creek blow out



Deadwood Creek trail head. Only one I know that starts with a river crossing.


Lunch stop at the Wrangler. When we left the line was out to the parking lot.


SF of Boise below Anderson Ranch Dam




Stopped in Prairie to change to clear goggle lens and call home. 
The Bar has a mini Verizon Cell Tower hooked to their internet .


South Fork Canyon north of Neil Bridge .

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