Tuesday, July 28, 2015

People are Crazy and Times are Strange–Blacks Creek 7/27/2015



Loop ~ 19-20 miles
              18 miles trails , 50 miles “Adventure”

Riders – IdaSpode , Spode Daddy

IdaSpode’s first ride in quite a while.
My 1st ride on the FreeRide in a couple of months and it had a new shock spring and Rekluse .
I rode like crap, worse than my first outing on the FreeRide with the stock spring and  the manual clutch.
Again it took me 7-8 miles to adjust to a different bike, but found if I rode “slow” just off the pilot I did
better in the dry slick. I decided I really don’t like the Maxxis Trial on the rear either.

The bike does have a lot of grunt in the slow technical stuff, putting predictable torque to the
ground whether deep loose cobbly stuff or rocks.

The clutch is slipping more than I want and the bike ( rear ) felt too “springy”.
I need to tune both the clutch and suspension.

DSCF4973 Stitch

About 6 miles into the ride Dave had a rear flat. He left the wheel on and pulled the tube out.
No snake bite , no holes, no water creek water to look for holes. We stuffed the tube back in and used
3 CO2’s to air it up.

DSCF4976 Stitch

Nice afternoon sky.

After a 2-3 miles David’s rear tire was flat again – 2 more CO2’s .


DSCF4978 Stitch

Waiting for David to come up the Ridge.
It was dry slick and had short section straight into the evening Sun. 

Right before the climb we had to air up the rear tire with  2 more CO’s on a loose sidehill.

We made it back to Willow Creek TH before dark !

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