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Enjoying the Fruits of Capitalism, CO2 (cheap electricity) ,Income Inequality (Economic Freedom) and Prosperity –Baumgartner 8/1-8/3 2015



Clocked ~ 120 miles / 15mph avg  / 30+ mpg

Two half days and one full day of riding in the Sawtooth National Forrest .

Dennis had put out a call for an off the record Spodefest ,  he wanted some
Idaho mountain riding.  Oregon John was suppose to join him but had to cancel to
finish a remodel so his family would have roof over their heads.

I spent Friday loading the camper on the truck and the bikes/gear in the trailer.
First outing with the camper this year ,everything worked OK .

Saturday 8/1

I decided to leave around  6AM to avoid any potential traffic associated with music
concert being held off the Pine Highway ( FSR 61 ).
No traffic but I could see a dust cloud in distance where the event was being held.


Chad invited me to see his property in Featherville.
Nice set up , 2 acres with power , well and septic . Says he wants to have a ride out of his place
later in the month.

We agreed to meet at Kelly Flats around noon for a short afternoon ride.


IdaSpode saved prime camping space for  Dennis and me !

Brian , Sean and Greg were already out on their big ride to Smiley Creek. They clocked 95 miles !

Shits & Grins  | Little Water – Skeleton

While setting up camp I had to visit the outhouse a couple of times.
Then after getting all my gear on I had to go again !



Loop ~ 28 miles
We decided to ride up the re-route on Little Water and back down Skelton.

Riders – IdaSpode , Spode Daddy , Dennis , Chad

Photos – SpodeDaddy , Chad

About a mile up the trail I had to find a flat spot to do my business again !
Unlike mountain bikers my stuff does not
spontaneous combust .


DSCF4981 Stitch

The crew decided to wait for me up the trail.


DSCF4986 Stitch

DSCF4983 Stitch

DSCF4992 Stitch

The technical sections are a bit easier riding from the bottom to the top.


Idaspode wandered off the trail .
He was kind enough to let me take a photo before I helped him and Dennis push it back on the trail.





DSCF4989 Stitch



DSCF4994 Stitch
We took a break at the mine. Chad said he met the miner last year. The fellow showed him the cabin,
he had a fold up bed and a shower ( fed by spring water).

Dennis and me cruising down Skelton.

DSCF4997 Stitch

Skeleton is a totally different trail when riding down hill . No roots or rocks !



DSCF4999 Stitch
Dennis right before the sloughed off side hill.

After we got to camp I changed into my swim suit and rode to the hot springs.
While I was soaking a couple a families wanted me to explain all my bruises !


Sunday 8/2  | Atlanta

gmap alanta 


topo alanta
Loop – 57 miles
Little Water – Willow Connector – Decker – Senate Creek – Grouse Creek -
Atlanta – Trail Creek – Shake Creek

Riders – Spode Daddy , Dennis

DSCF5002 Stitch

Re-route on Little Water


Dennis wanted to do a plug check, he felt like the bike was lean. The plug didn’t look lean and it didn’t
look rich. He decided to raise the needle. After he got the bike buttoned up , I headed to the next trail head
a few hundred yards over the hill. After a bit I rode back. Dennis forgot to put the plug wire back on !



DSCF5005 Stitch

Eye popping scenery from the Willow Creek Connector.


DSCF5008 Stitch

Dennis had to adjust his air screw and idle.  Wish he found a more scenic stop.



As we were riding around a curve on Decker I see “Matt” ( I think it’s Matt, I forgot his name ) standing at
the side of the trail. Then I realize he has a mountain bike  with some gear ( no sign of of sweat ).

We chatted a few minutes . Matt started that morning in Atlanta and had spent the day pushing his bike
up Decker. His plan was to ride down Willow and camp along the South Fork. Monday he was going to ride
into Ketchum. He is riding dirt circuit that started in Garden Valley and would take him through Stanley.

After we parted I realized I should have offered him a meal that night at our campsite .


DSCF5011 Stitch

Decker above the Senate Creek junction .









Senate Creek * Decker Creek intersection


DSCF5013 Stitch

Decker Creek











The Senate Creek side hill was much smoother but had a couple of trees across the trail.
One I could drag off , another we decided to cut .

Twice I forgot to turn my gas on.
The 1st time when dragging the tree off.
I couldn’t get through a switch back – no power and it ”stalled” then wouldn’t start.
Then I did it again after cutting the tree, it died on a down hill side hill.



DSCF5018 Stitch

DSCF5020 Stitch

We got to the Beaver Lodge ~ 2PM and had a cheese burger and pitcher of water.
It was warm in the 90’s most of the ride.

As we left we were talking to “the old timer” on the porch, He asked if we used SPOT.
Told us he carries one , he runs a 150 mile trap line the winter.  As I was getting on the bike
he asked if I new Courtney  at Western Power Sports ! I said I know her dad , Scott .



DSCF5022 Stitch

As we were riding up Trail Creek we rode behind some rain showers that dropped the temperature
back into the 70’s and left the bushes wet.

I was ahead of Dennis and a doe darted in front of me. It startled me so much I locked up the brakes
and fell over. Dennis went ahead and saw her again as well as two bucks in velvet. We watched
them for about 10 minutes about 25-50 yards off the trail.


DSCF5024 Stitch

Summit of Shake Creek still in bloom and damp from the rain.



DSCF5027 Stitch


DSCF5029 Stitch




DSCF5032 Stitch

Shake Creek Summit

On the ride down I was starting to fade, especially through the slow stuff.
At a hairpin turn through a creek , I thought I could roll back to get a better angle to climb out.
I just stalled and fell in the water ( it felt good ). Then later zig-zaging through some down fall
I fell over in the branches and Dennis had to rescue me .

Monday 8/3  -  Lime Creek




Loop – 35 miles
Kelly Creek, Bremner , Coyote, Bremner , Kelly Creek

Riders – SpodeDaddy , Dennis

We did a short ride before I headed home. I wanted to do Kelly > Beaver Creek on the
FreeRide but decided not too worried about deadfall from the fire.

Decided to to Lime Creek on the Berg since they were faster trails.

The beaver pond on the upper South Fork was almost up to the seat. We decided to walk
across because you couldn’t see the bottom and didn’t want to waste a bunch of time
de-watering a bike.  The bottom is smooth and can be ridden across. Dennis still had
trouble starting his bike. He laid his bike over to flush out the bowel and it started.

The upper part of Coyote has deep ruts , some places up to the seat and narrow enough you can’t
keep your boots on the pegs.
After getting through the ruts I was ridding a side hill that wraps a bluff. At one point there is some
rocks that I decided to hop over like young skinny Chad instead of crawling through. Well I hopped
over, ricocheted off another then tattooed a flat square one. I went off the hill , my landing cushioned
by some buck brush. The bike stayed on the trail.


DSCF5034 Stitch

I had to stop and get at least one photo.


DSCF5037 Stitch

Dennis was working his why back to find me, worried I was pinned under my bike.




Turn out the lights the party’s over …………….

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