Monday, August 10, 2015

I’m a Social Justice Warrior --- Trinity Mountains 8/9/2015



Loop – 72 miles
Riders – Spode Daddy, Chad

Original plan was to to do a “short Loop” around Trinity Mnt   we guessed would be about 40 miles.
A down tree that turned us around on Green Creek and a missed intersection made for a 72 mile day.

DSCF5040 Stitch

Chad praying that Spode Daddy doesn't fall off the trail today.

DSCF5044 Stitch

It was 30-40 “.
The bikes would have to be dead lifted over the top.
I didn’t know how I would get my fat ass over.
Since we didn’t know what other obstacles were ahead we decided to turn around. 


DSCF5046 Stitch


Taking a breather after getting both bikes turned around.

DSCF5048 Stitch

On the way way out we met 3 bikes going up the trail.
Told them about the tree and with three riders they probably could get the bikes over.

Back at the trail head we ate lunch and formulated ‘Plan B’.
We decided to drive over to the snowmobile parking on Trinity Creek Road and ride the
bikes up to the Crosscut intersection and take the North Fork of Trinity Creek to Trinity Ridge.

We found Crosscut trail ~ 4 miles up the road but in our excitement of being on single track
blew past the Trinity Creek intersection . We rode Crosscut to a jeep trail that dumped out on
Pfeiffer Creek Road.


DSCF5050 Stitch

We followed Pfeiffer Creek and Trinity Ridge roads to the lookout  .
Along the way we were keeping an eye out for the trail we missed.


On Trinity Ridge just below the lakes I spotted some bikes.
I slowed down and recognized it was Gordon and the Mountain Home Crew  ! 
They had just come up the Trinity Creek the trail we missed.  
After a while I noticed Gary had new boots !  Strange times , if you don’t know Gary you don’t know
the significance of Gary and new gear.




Chad and I rode up to the Lookout.






Spectacular views and 3G cell signal at 9500 ft. The backcountry is not what it use to be.


Right after the Bear Hole * Crosscut intersection Chad followed a bear running down the trail !
The bear was gone by the time I arrived .

DSCF5055 Stitch
Much of Crosscut is in the last two burns.


DSCF5057 Stitch
Several monster trees were down that we had to lift the bikes over.



DSCF5059 Stitch
When we  got back to Trinity Creek Road we went a found the Trinity Creek Trail intersection.
Glad it wasn’t a snake, pretty obvious and signed !



I did 72 miles without hitting reserve.
Didn't spill any gas , ~15-20 miles of road , coasted from Trinity mountain to Bear Hole trail head.




First ride on Kenda Equilibrium.
It’s OK , I didn’t feel like pulling it off right away.
In the slow wet rooty , rocky technical stuff it’s not as good as the IRC Trials.
In actual mud , loose dirt it’s better.
In the faster dirt sections it tends to spin like a motocross tire .
I started out ~ 12 PSI  . The last 25-30 miles I dropped  back to 8 PSI ( front as well ).

I liked it better with lower pressure. I did a good job rock crawling over some 
boulder sections .

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