Saturday, September 12, 2015

Almost Atlanta–9/11/2015








Loop ~ 200 miles
Prairie > Long Gulch/ Rattle Snake>Middle Fork Boise > Swanholm > Edna Creek > HWY 21> Boise

Did an “afternoon” ride after buttoning up some “mods” on Ginger  :

Wired in GPS
GPS mount
Grip heaters – trick system OEM grips computer controlled ( what could go wrong ?)
Removed passenger pegs & grab bars – pegs hit back of boots when standing
                                                                                 kept hitting grab bars getting on and off bike
Touratech luggage rack – wide enough to hold duffle bag for overnight trips
Kriega US-5 Drypack  - tool pouch , pump , plug kit

Didn’t leave the house until 3 PM and had to stop for gas.
I knew I would be chasing daylight.

The Middle Fork of Boise is a very scenic ride , but no time for photos .

When I got to Alexander Flats I decided to continue up to Swanholm and ride out
Edna Creek, probably added 25 miles to the loop.

On Edna Creek I started to encounter weekend warriors , dust and lower speeds.

Cruised down Moore Creeks Summit in 4th gear. 

Jury is still out the TC as a front tire , tends to washout on the dry slick even with MTC engaged .
Anything but a full knobby might do the same.

I got into the valley before full darkness .
I still don’t like night riding but the stock headlight provides amazing illumination.

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