Sunday, September 6, 2015

Not Riding Anywhere , with Anybody , Any more - Owyhee Loop 9/6/2015




Riders – John , Chris
Loop ~ 335 miles   
Swan Falls , Baja Road, Grand View , Mud Flats , Jordon Valley , South Mountain , Trout Creek ,
Jordon Creek, Silver City , Murphy

Second outing on the 1190, amazing machine . It’s an luxury “dirt bike” !

Very tractable , the MTC and ABS are like cheating. Still haven’t found my limits on the bike.
Seat is comfortable, spent 7 hrs in the saddle . 

Met Chris in Grand View, I was a few minutes late. Forgot my phone and had to turn around soon as I left the house.
Then it was “cold” cutting across the desert on Baja Road , holding my speed at ~50 MPH.

Not too much traffic on Mud Flat Road . We dropped the air pressure ~ 30 PSI on the gravel road.
Rode at a sight seeing speed into Jordan Valley.



Stopped for lunch at “Flat Iron Steakhouse” ( used to be the Basque Inn ).

After lunch we gassed up and the plan was to ride up to the South Mountain Lookout.

south moutain

First error was turning on Flint Creek instead of South Mountain.

South Mountain Road is a big wide D&G road that winds through some ranches.


On the way in we kept an eye out for signs to the lookout. Never saw it and ended up riding some
nice country behind the mountain.   Eventually  rode into Indian Meadows on the edge
of the North Fork Owhyee Wilderness.

Had to back track and “found” the intersection on the way out. We were starting to loose the day so
we decided to make our way to Silver City and hit the lookout on another trip.

Jordon Creek was busy, never seen so much traffic. I was expecting ATV’s but there were cars and trucks.
The road used to be more primitive ,  but it has had a lot of work in the last few years.



In Silver City we stopped for coffee and pie !


HWY 78 & Silver City Road.


  1. Any problems due to the aftermath of the fire?

  2. Any problems due to the aftermath of the fire?


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