Friday, April 8, 2016

From Sexy to Saggy - Gooding Little City of Rocks



Loop ~ 290 miles

Big Chief – Boise Bob

Riders – 10 including Bob


Bob organized a ride to the Little City of Rocks between Fairfield and Gooding.








The main group was meeting at Boise Vintage Cycle on Chinden , not wanting to ride in morning
traffic I opted to meet them at Bonneville Point on the Oregon Trail.

I was riding sweep becuase I’m slow and I can hang in back for the dust to clear.– on the Blacks Creek
summit a white Dodge flagged me down.
The woman said “ all my friends were riding too fast – all most ran her off the road “.




South Fork of the Boise



Gas stop at the Y-Stop in Prairie. I had 60 miles so decided to top off.




Anderson Ranch Dam



Gate on the two track was locked , so went to plan “B”.

The Fairfield Prairie was wet from the snow melt , had a couple of stretches of mud to ride through.
It wasn’t clay so the wheels didn’t pack up.


Fir Grove Valley -
Very lush right now, will change in a month or so.



Fir Grove Ranch



Looking back at the ranch and valley





Little City of Rocks

Trent was dealing with a leaking with a clutch master cylinder , by now he had no clutch.
He decided to take off to Gooding , but he went the hard way. Bob remembered it being gnarly for a big
bike with a couple of step offs . 
His wife Michelle followed him.

The group decided to chase them down.
It was any “easy” 4X4 trail but probably as technical I as I want to ride on the 1190.
There were several rocky sections to pick through in 1st gear. Some spots I dabbed through worrying
about dropping and casing the bike.  



Canal crossing – wasn’t that deep and slow current.

One of the guys found some oil in his saddle bags , so they were able to top off a couple of clutches.



Dead Horses Cave outside Gooding and Bliss .



Michelle’s KTM 690 started cutting out .
She topped off the gas but it still wouldn’t start . Trent and Michelle fiddled with some wires and it started.
In Bliss they relocated the Power Commander  to where it would have more clearance from the seat, seemed 
fix it.

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