Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Government LUV by the numbers–Social Security

At 62 I decided to draw Social Security ( I’ve been retired for ~8 years).
Over my 35 year career my total Social Security Taxes were $335,000 in 2016 dollars ( $220,000 per the gooberment ).

I will have to live until 76 just to recoup my stolen funds , longer when accounting for future inflation .

If I were able to invest these “taxes” over the years in a stock index mutual fund the account ( that I owned) would be valued at $2,000,000.
Social Security is a bad deal all the way around .

PS: – I hit the jackpot when I was born in Texas during a golden age of human prosperity.
My “luck” was compounded with a career at Micron Technology and move to Boise in 1981.

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