Saturday, March 19, 2016

Dirt Buggers–Doyle Mountain 3/19/2016



Loop – 68 miles
Riders – John , Paul , Chad , Eric

Had a couple of goals on this ride :

1) Help recover a bike that was drowned in the North Fork of Castle Creek last week.
     A father and son didn’t pack any tools and no one in the group had a 4S plug socket .

2) Learn more of the roads , two tracks, single tracks and just generally explore.

3) Unintended consequence – first ride  this year to produce dirt buggers .

Mike , Greg and Ryan left town about an hour before we did. They doubled up on a 4-wheeler and rode a bike
into Savage Crossing , then hiked along Castle Creek to the bike   .



DSCF5424 Stitch
We took the road into Savage Crossing. It was chilly at road speeds.
Missed a turn but it just meant we got to ride a bit of single track to Savage.




The creek was running high from the snow melt and recent storms. We crossed  upstream in a spot that
wasn’t as deep. Couldn’t see the bottom. I went first , worried about a square rock in the bottom I didn’t
carry much speed and had to dap .




DSCF5430 Stitch

The saddle above Savage.

DSCF5432 Stitch


Side Hill into Squaw Garden.



DSCF5434 Stitch


When we caught up Mike , Greg and Ryan had already de-watered the bike and were trying to start it.
Eric took a turn kicking and it started .

DSCF5437 Stitch

Beautiful spot an intersection of two canyons .


DSCF5440 Stitch


We rode with Ryan back to Savage Crossing . 
Had lunch and made sure the bike got across the creek. Mike and Ryan decided to push it across.




After the bike forded the creek we started on our ride.


DSCF5442 Stitch

At the bottom of the saddle above Savage there was an old jeep trail that went up to White Horse Reservoir.
You can make your way into Triangle.



DSCF5445 Stitch

Paul, Chad and Eric after a deep water crossing, it was deep but not fast.



DSCF5448 Stitch

Climbing out of Portland Gulch. I had to stop and remove a layer.
We had just crossed paths with a big group that had Sean Robinson , Brian King and Steve Frisbee .


DSCF5451 Stitch
Chad after climbing up a greasy tight side hill above the creek , he was happy to be on top.


As we climbed out of Portland Gulch onto the road there was a bunch of tracks headed south.
I figured it must be the group we just passed and maybe there was another trail to find.
We followed them but lost the tracks at a watering trough , State Springs .


DSCF5454 Stitch

Gamble Gulch on the upper end of WF Birch Creek.






DSCF5458 Stitch


Doyle Place







End of the Day

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